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    Psychological Well-Being

    He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside still waters; He restoreth my soul. --This. The relation between peace and truth. We need order & meaning in life. Religion and Philosophy satisfy this. Art. Nature.
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    about God?

    It loves us like I love you and you love me. But why hardship? why so much suffering in the world? why is it so vicious? why does it prey on itself, devour itself, defecate itself, incesantly? I dont know. I felt the love, ive seen it, warm, all embracing, beyond what is imaginable...
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    The Ten Grounds (Flower Garland Sutra, Chapter 26)

    Great reply @Cino :) You worded it very well, it makes total sense. Now I see that I didnt mean "since youre an atheist" I rather meant "Since youre skeptik." But youve answered that too; you bennefit from this since you see it as a catalogue of the mind (psychology, say), which indeed it is. I...
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    "Dona Sutta: With Dona [Pali Cannon]

    Dona Sutta: With Dona AN 4.36. translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu On one occasion the Blessed One was traveling along the road between. On seeing him, he went to him and said, "Master, are you a deva?" "No, brahman, I am not a deva." "Are you a gandhabba?" "No..." "... a...
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    The Ten Grounds (Flower Garland Sutra, Chapter 26)

    Thanks for May 9ths post @Cino. I enjoy reading your summary of these scenes in the text. V.T. Bodhisattva then lectures the assembly on how subtle, hard to speak of, hard to understand, hard to attain these teachings and practices are. Check your credentials, make sure you did your homework...
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    Has anyone seen KnowSelf lately?

    Miss you @KnowSelf But if you are doing digital detox thats great for you indeed :) Hugs and Kisses♡
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    Peace to you from Nashville, TN!

    Hi Cory, welcome :) I love Shakespeare too. What language! What amazing plays! I think my favorites might be the sonnets, Macbeth, and The Merchant of Venice, but I enjoyed all the works and whenever I think back on these the nice smell of the pages of the particular editions I had comes to...
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    Meditation Forum / Startup Forum

    Meditation; a public service! no joke :D Last night I heard Ajhan Brahm say something along the lines of "You know how we have institutions which protect animals? And institutions which protect children? We should have one like that but for the brain, to stop the abuse of the brain perpetuated...
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    Meditation Forum / Startup Forum

    Wise words, friends. And thanks for the openess. Its a beautiful night and your words have landed on target--this I see as meditation. When one sees the arising and falling through of thoughts, sensations, emotions, and fermentations with a sharp eye, then the mind is granted space, becomes as...
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    Meditation Forum / Startup Forum

    Thank you for bringing this wonderful sutta to mind. Its very nice that the Tathagata said such enlightened words. Most all philosophers have arrived at this same understanding that 'Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life.'...
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    Meditation Forum / Startup Forum

    Thank you Cino ^_^ The world is swept away. It does not endure. “Great king, there are four Dhamma summaries stated by the Blessed One who knows & sees, worthy & rightly self-awakened. Having known & seen & heard them, I went forth from the home life into homelessness. Which four? “‘The...
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    Meditation Forum / Startup Forum

    What would you like to know? What is missing in your practice, or what difficulities have you encountered? Much love. Stay safe my sweet brothers and sisters.
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    How do you undestand the term "Patriarchy"

    I am very informed on this issue. Much more than you clearly :) Ill spread the real information, you spread the misinformation.
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    What's the third eye?

    Its a connection you develop to the spirit realm. I feel it everyday, to hear someone call it an idea is funny to me :) On the samadhi level of experience, you burst into the heavenly realm through the third eye. Its a part of the brain in the middle of the forehead, thats where the energy...
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    How do you undestand the term "Patriarchy"

    There is as much a gender pay gap as a race pay gap, different races make different money. Because the gender pay gap thing is a demographic, a statistic, that says that there are more men working and so more money is concentrated in the pockets of men. Since there are less women working, less...
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    Napoleon Buonaparte

    Little common things of the civil code of 1804 are modern divorce laws, the numeral system of adresses (odd number on one side, even numbers on the other) but the influence is vast. The idea of making a whole civil code like that had been attempted by the roman empire and a few others, but...
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    by Hesse I always liked Damian, but not the others. I do consider him hyped, yet deserving of his Nobel prize. But yes they have the readings of Seneca's letters which are a good work which I have never seen in print. My favorite book on Librivox is The Memoirs of Giacomo Casanova, one of my...
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    Theory, you, I, life is perfect.

    @Cino Efficient and industrial...very much so. Is there anything more efficient and industrial than seed pods? Packets of seeds, each seed in its own specific place in line, all top quality and ready for germination. Right. But no one said that though. War is peace? xD nono, this is a whole...
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    are all people lost without knowing God

    Inasmuch as the experience of Being can be deemed real or unreal, existent or non existent.
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    Theory, you, I, life is perfect.

    I dont follow what you mean xD but I meant "Past actions have consequences in the present and future. This is the underlying principle by which we measure reality in our daily lives." :) As in, I just wrote this in the present, now it will be posted and will be of the past, it will be a past...