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    Can Anyone HelpWith the Jewish views on euthanasia

    I am interested in the the difficulties, Jewish folks have in following these ethical guidelines:)
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    Anyone who has an abortion has to live with the effects for life. Christians should not judge anyone. Just believe if people knew what happens to the foetus it would happen less.
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    Anne Rice's Christ the Lord

    I havent but got them from library to read today.
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    Francis king is moving on... adios all!

    Take Care safe journey
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    Are there any vegans in this forum ?

    Vegans are not like that honest
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    The beautiful book ..Do Not Be Sad

    I enjoyed reading it, found it to be very spiritual and practical. Thank you
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    eyewitness accounts

    Great post,will have fun checking out all those references, thankyou
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    Baha'i choral music

    Yes different, but enjoyable
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    Looking into Buddhism?

    I found that really useful as I havent explored Buddhism before.
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    Starting university in september and I am scared witless. As I will be older than the majority...

    Starting university in september and I am scared witless. As I will be older than the majority of people there
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    Was Jesus a Gnostic ?

    Some interesting stuff in the book "The Jesus Papers" I believe he was.
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    Enjoyed your posts

    Enjoyed your posts
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    Just saying a quick hi

    Just saying a quick hi
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    eyewitness accounts

    History seems to go in circles constantly.I personally find it interesting to explore any factual evidence of exsistance of Biblical figures,although I am not a closet verificationest, I believe in the exsistence of a greater power.
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    Do we still need religion

    Be great if we could take the best parts out of all religons, and start again.
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    Reverse Inclusion and God of the Gaps

    That is very true,however to believe is to have faith beyond logic or reason. I fully believe people have free choice not to believe. However people have a right to rationalise whatever faith system they have,and continue their journey to spirituality as they concieve it.
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    eyewitness accounts

    Just a passing thought, Jesus is mentioned a hundred times in the Qu'oran perhaps this leads to common ground.
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    Secrets of the holy family

    Sounds worth a read. I found the Jesus Papers raisers similar issues.
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    Reverse Inclusion and God of the Gaps

    Each to his own perhaps,however, if there is no God the "Big bang tale of creation, is an amazing set of coincidences.
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    Core Values

    That was great, thankyou