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  1. The Undecided

    Why there is not one religion??????

    I've been struggling with this question myself recently. How can I pick a religion if doing so means that I am saying that one religion is more true/right than the rest? I have come to the conclusion that all religions have truth within their sacred texts but none of them are the truth. I have...
  2. The Undecided

    What it means to be a spiritual person?

    Hi Kenneth, I would say that being spiritual is simply the pursuit of some form of spirituality, by which I mean trying to understand and employ moral and ethical values, often held together in some sort of religious structure. This pursuit usually brings the person round in a full circle...
  3. The Undecided

    Something on meaning from one of my notebooks

    Just reread this post. Very nice meditation. I'll have to try it. It reminds me of a quote from the Samurai book Hagakure, I'm not sure why. "Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige's wall there was this one: "Matters of great concern should be treated lightly." Master Ittei commented, "Matters of...
  4. The Undecided

    Dinosaurs in Scripture

    Took the word right out of my keyboard. TU:D
  5. The Undecided

    Something on meaning from one of my notebooks

    Firstly, what do you mean when you use the word recycling? When we eat a chicken, or any form of food that has been killed and cooked, the elements, the water and the energy that this chicken once was, in part, becomes a part of us when we eat it. When we breathe out the Carbon Dioxide...
  6. The Undecided

    Something on meaning from one of my notebooks

    When it comes to wonderous things I suppose you could say that we really understand their wonder when we know that the universe has formed them from itself, whether you believe that there is a God responsible or not. TU:D
  7. The Undecided

    Something on meaning from one of my notebooks

    Thanks Wil. Just thought I'd put it out there and see what people thought. TU:D
  8. The Undecided

    Something on meaning from one of my notebooks

    One could argue that every action we take and activity we do is both meaningful and meaningless. To ourselves, others around us now and others in the future, our actions and activities can matter and have meaning. But, in the grand fabric of the universe we are simply matter molded into human...
  9. The Undecided

    Can belief in a higher power be combined with Evolution

    Even if you believe that the universe is self creating and sustaining, could not a God have created it in such a way. If we are created with free will why not a universe than can evolve itself. Evolution is a simple feedback system that allows for positive mutations to flurish. If this is so...
  10. The Undecided

    Spiritual fascism

    It seems to me that how we think we should live can be a very dividing force in each of us. This drive often manifests itself in belief systems, of which religion is an example, and once we feel that we have figured it out we often think that others should live the same way, or believe the same...
  11. The Undecided

    how did you come to believe or follow a religion?

    Initially i was an athiest, believing science and reason was a better way to explain things. Then I became interested in why people had a faith and believed in God etc. First I looked into Taoism and Buddhism because the idea of there being a God seemed wrong. I think this is because I grew up...
  12. The Undecided

    The ignorance of burning the Qur'an

    Muzzies? "Isn't religion just freaking wonderful." Shawn you sound some what bitter about religion. Are you atheist or just anti-religion? To me religion is not the problem. Deciding that yours is the only correct religion and attacking others for having a different religion is the problem...
  13. The Undecided

    The ignorance of burning the Qur'an

    To suggest burning the Qur'an on the anniversary of 9/11 is ignorant and fool-hardy. To also call a book evil is ludicrous. Pastor Terry Jones seems to have conveniently forgotten the many terrible atrocities committed in the name of Christianity throughout our history. We wouldn't refer to the...
  14. The Undecided

    Similarities between the philosophical concepts of Vedantic Atman and Buddhist Empti

    Re: Similarities between the philosophical concepts of Vedantic Atman and Buddhist Em Appologise for the extra long title, which has been partly cut off. It should end with 'Buddhist Emptiness'.
  15. The Undecided

    Similarities between the philosophical concepts of Vedantic Atman and Buddhist Empti

    Atman in Sunyata and the Sunyata of Atman [Buddha's World] I found this essay on the similarities of the philosophical concepts of Vedantic Atman and Buddhist Emptiness, which have traditionally been at odds with each other to say the least. Here are two extracts from it. Hope you enjoy...
  16. The Undecided

    Mosque attacks in Lahore

    Firstly I must say that I am not a Muslim, however, I am a student of all religions and a seeker of spiritual truth. I am posting this thread on the Islam forum because I would like to hear the Muslim perspective on the following. After hearing about the attacks on the two mosques in Lahore I...
  17. The Undecided

    Do you have a soul?

    Here are three quotes form Ken Wilber's book No Boundary which go some way to explaining my understanding of what the soul is, by use of the term 'unity consciousness'. “Unity consciousness is not a state different or apart from other states, but the condition and true nature of all states.”...
  18. The Undecided

    God is???

    Thanks Mark, the reason, according to my understanding of Buddhist teaching, that we have no free will in the present is that what happens to us in the present, and our perception of it, are the result of karmic seeds that we have 'planted' in the past because of our actions. To put it another...
  19. The Undecided

    God is???

    I once heard an explanation of reincarnation that might help here. Imagine a bucket of water with the sun shining down on it. The sun represents God. The reflection of the sun on the surface of the water represents the soul, a reflection of God. The water represents the mind, its contents...
  20. The Undecided

    God is???

    Hi OAT, Thank you for your response. This is how I see it. We have a body, we have a mind (or self), but we also have a cosmic self that is connected to all the underlying consciousness of the universe. This is what is referred to as the soul, and it is part of what is referred to as God. It is...