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  1. TheLightWithin

    what do ya'll think of Candace Owens?

    This includes pejorative remarks, saying "liberal idiots" and negative implications about blacks or women. By that I am referring to statements within the post about "the one woman on this Earth I consider an example". The sentence is not well written so I'm not sure exactly what you mean but...
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    Discuss Bible changes...

    This would imply that all versions of the bible in any language except for English is in error. Unless there is a similar single "correct" version in other languages (French, German, Russian etc)
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    Do serve God...or a 'Trinity'?

    Trinitarian dogma certainly made things complicate, perhaps unnecessarily so. There are non trinitarian Christian denominations ex Christadelphians
  4. TheLightWithin

    Is abortion Demonic

    I'm going to say we default to no, not demonic, due to a lack of evidence of supernatural involvement in any medical procedure. Anyone who thinks supernatural forces are involved in surgical procedures needs to be ready to present their findings to an interfaith board of practising surgeons or...
  5. TheLightWithin

    Injustice, Anger and Forgiveness.

    I would prefer the words had never been said. If they couldn't help me, they should have hung their heads in shame and not acted like they had something to teach me that I and everyone else in the world had figured out IN KINDERGARTEN. The snappish way people say it makes it sound like they...
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    Injustice, Anger and Forgiveness.

    Mmm, mint gum!😋
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    Absolute Truth

    YES 😑 👍
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    Absolute Truth

    Does not mean it does not objectively exist. My cats exist. Millions of people know nothing about them. Hasn't changed their existence.
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    Absolute Truth

    Yes, there is. There are objective truths. Are some harder to ascertain? Again yes. Are some harder to ascertain for oneself? Sure. Is it not fair to say, though, that it was once believed that evil spirits caused illnesses and it is now known that microscopic pathogens are the cause? Is it not...
  10. TheLightWithin

    What are you currently reading?

    I'm still just getting started. I've been reading it in fits and starts between vacations/trips and other goings on. But I am deeply intrigued by their theory that there were "two Enlightenments" or at least 2 major threads of thought that came out of the Enlightenment that are still at work and...
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    Evolution is Unscientific

    I don't recall what post, but it was somewhat earlier someone was talking about animal communication and cognition. This very thing is studied by scientist Irene Pepperberg
  12. TheLightWithin

    Evolution is Unscientific

    A lot of things are hard to know pre-written history. Especially the answers to such specific questions that refer to someone's intent or state of mind
  13. TheLightWithin

    Evolution is Unscientific

    🤔 😲 🫠 😵‍💫😑????????
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    The Second Coming of Christ 1945 - a new interpretation

    Well, but who DOESN'T cherry pick? Different denominations have forever and always emphasized different things and minimized other things. Nowadays, some evangelical hardliners are cherry picking which of Jesus' direct words are good enough for them...
  15. TheLightWithin

    Your religious/spiritual journey

    Karma is very interesting. I did grow up with the idea of reincarnation and karma being sort-of believed in by my mom though not exactly instructed to me. To me, karma as I understand it seems plausible and reasonable. If I understand correctly, both one's actions and one's intentions play some...
  16. TheLightWithin

    What are you currently reading?

    American Schism by Seth David Radwell. It's about how the current divisions in American society and politics can be traced way back to 2 separate strains of thought in the Enlightenment.
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    Why I take the Bible literally

    It is possible to get these things in books, but... Do you mean then that those are missing from contemporary school textbooks? Sadly much is missing. :confused: The schools I went to growing up were no great shakes, at least not in terms of academic rigor, but perhaps I was fortunate or it...