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  1. mehdi I

    A Serious Matter

    I can see how one can struggle with that concept since your told to believe by faith, but christianity is not some radical new concept and not much different than judaism or islam. Why not? Is drug abuse or alchoholism evil? Sure it is. The dependence on substance abuse is an evil one...
  2. mehdi I

    A Serious Matter

    No its not, its logical. Who created hell, who created satan. Are satan and hell evil? Yes God created evil. However God loves all things good, thus that statement. When people sway from Gods path evil befalls them.
  3. mehdi I

    Jesus Christ is come in the flesh = God?

    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, surely (Jesus,) the son of Mary will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind justly (as a Just Ruler); he will break the Cross and kill the pigs and there will be no Jizya (i.e. taxation taken from non...
  4. mehdi I

    A Serious Matter

    No beating around the burning bush here. Where does evil come from? Without dancing around the topic God created evil, so evil comes from God. The Quran teaches that all things come from God: {….. If some good befalls them, they say, "This is from Allah; but if evil, they say, "This is...
  5. mehdi I

    Is Islam actually peaceful?

    Re: rules While anyone would like this to be true it is incorrect. Muslims face heavy handed persecution and harassment in many western countries, most of it veiled. Ive had to lose a job due to my religion before. No such thing. After colonialism ended the caliphate, the vast majority of...
  6. mehdi I

    Is Wahhabi "true" Islam?

    I would say that wahabbi's are muslims but with an asterisk. They do enforce stringent rules and follow some questionable practices IMO.
  7. mehdi I

    Question regarding the age of human kind

    agreed Wil, good points in this thread as well.
  8. mehdi I

    Question regarding the age of human kind

    Thanks for the answer dan, I have another question. Since science has proven that creation couldnt have happened 6k or so years ago, do some jews believe in a different theory of creation, one more compatible with what we know now?
  9. mehdi I

    Arab Women suffering in silence?

    Women are not required to attend the Friday prayers (our Sabbath). However they can choose to do so, but must be separated from men. This is to respect the holiness of the mosque, and prevents one standing in the presence of God whilst being distracted, or thinking inappropriate thoughts.
  10. mehdi I

    Dalai Lama says India a model of religious harmony

    Easy to blame this on the muslims. It is widely documented that there is widespread violence occuring beween Hindu's and Sikhs as well. Not to mention the fact that the Hindu religion while a model of religious co-existence is not champion of human rights. India has 24 million slaves living in...
  11. mehdi I

    Question regarding the age of human kind

    I've had many debates with pentacostals and evangelical christians regarding this, and took it with a grain of salt. However I found it intersting after reading Genesis in the Tanakh, tracing generations it seems that there wasn't that many generations in between Adam's time to this date. What...
  12. mehdi I

    Double Historical Contadictions

    Great post, I was going to point out the same thing. Thomas can you please address this issue?
  13. mehdi I

    Before and After Muhammad

    Agreed, Muslims need to do a better job to combat wahhabism imo.
  14. mehdi I

    Before and After Muhammad

    They were also periods in human history where education was disallowed, and draconian practices were wide spread. For instance previous to muhammad female infanticide was commonly practiced to avoid "shame," women were property, black people, and white persians were considered lesser people...
  15. mehdi I

    Before and After Muhammad

    Saudi wahabite extremist ideology. Unfortunately saudi, qatar, and bahrain all have tremendous resources and money to spend to spread their extreme interpretation of islam which is very strenuos and deeply entrenched into their cultures. The quran says nothing of women's ability to drive...
  16. mehdi I

    Before and After Muhammad

    the period previous to muhammad is known as Jahilya or period of ignorance. Muhammad brought forth many scientific, social, economic, and civil right changes that were previous unheard of. For instance he abolished racism, discouraged slavery, enouraged treating women equally, discouraged...
  17. mehdi I

    The binding/sacrifice of...

    While that's a nice romanticized account of history it is not a remotely accurate depiction of what happened. The Brit mandate made it illegal for palestinians to have any arms. Meanwhile the mandate and the U.S heavily armed the Israeli's and proactively took part in policies to ensure their...
  18. mehdi I

    Permission to kill those who reject Islam

    Obviously this is incorrect, but what was the quote?
  19. mehdi I

    The binding/sacrifice of...

    Shibolet, Muslims don't "hate jews." However muslims have a very negative view of jews due to the ethnic cleansing and segregation laws forced down the palestinian throats by Israel's zionist government. I must correct you bro Tikkun, The person the verse is concerning as far as the...
  20. mehdi I

    If not Jesus, then who?

    Hello Everyone good chat, Am an avid reader of the Tanakh, but also a Muslim. Iyad is incorrect in his assertion that Muhammad(saw) is the promised Messiah (Mesih) or annointed one. Muslims Universally recognize that Jesus was the final Jewish prophet and the anointed messiah. Much of his...