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    Telepathy - Experiences and Insights

    I dont really have much time to read through the whole thread, although, I do have some experiences to share with you. I've noticed that at drive through menus, waiting to order, right before I think to ask for something, thats what the person will ask of me. So, in a sense, it's almost proof...
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    Why you believe that non-vegetarian

    Are you sure the conciousness resides in the brain/mind complex? I'm not.
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    Christianity lacking a WHOLEsome view?

    I mean personal morality. Not the morality of Lucifer himself, betraying God. More so, its a reflection of an action ONE can make. Good and Bad exists idealogically within all of us. Whatever word we use to describe that side of us poetically shouldn't make one confuse the parables as a...
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    Christianity lacking a WHOLEsome view?

    I feel as if your reply in regards to my first post was lacking understanding. The original treachery of which you speak is what exactly? Lucifer betraying God? I believe that's just an example of morality, if that is even what you speak of.
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    Returning the hello. How are you? If i might nag a bit, what made you send me an add? Lol

    Returning the hello. How are you? If i might nag a bit, what made you send me an add? Lol
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    Christianity: An Integral Yoga? This thread seems fitting to reference back to, in regards to your studies, Thomas.
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    Christianity: An Integral Yoga?

    Manly P Hall says something along the lines of Man as Body, being one mirror of God's image. Hence the old verse that anyone here can quote. Check out his writing, Man - Gran Symbol of the Mysteries. Great read.
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    A Riddle

    Yeah, great thread. Any answers on mine?
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    A Riddle

    How about this one, What gets ate twice and stands of all fours?
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    Christianity lacking a WHOLEsome view?

    Well, I quoted soma. From my perspective, I would say he spoke it objectively and found it subjectively. I would also denote the usage of 'outside of reality', because reality for me seems to be a world of subject/object Co-creation, or evolution in a slightly odd form? Lol. I'm more leaning...
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    Christianity lacking a WHOLEsome view?

    Well said Soma. Nothing can appear in the objective world unless there is first a subjective world to perceive that object; therefore, there is no object on the outside of Reality because everything exists inside subjectivity. This could be the basis working point of this whole point...
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    Christianity lacking a WHOLEsome view?

    IF you'd like I could upload an audio lecture by Manly P. Hall, concerning Albert Pike. For now, here's this if you hold any interest in the subject of Freemasonry. Morals and dogma of the Ancient and ... - Google Books Theres a full pdf download available on the right at the top of the window.
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    A point of view

    I am has sent me to you. I've been following this thread, because thats mostly what I do here. Everyones just so fascinatingly insightful. I'm curious, because nobody else has asked you yet; Thomas, which doctrine(particularly) is it that you support, that you've referred to as 'we'? Do...
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    All are handicapped

    Seems like a valid position. Makes sense as far as the idea that the soul chooses to learn about Human life so as to evolve. Its a form of rehabilitation after birth where the body is going through a period of learning how to function properly, and seemingly fully.
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    Spiritual Free Will

    Almost like my previous post in this thread, I used to take deja vu as encouragement of a solidifying notion. Saying that I was on the right track, and things are happening as they were infinitely supposed to. Similarly, the more mindful I became, the less and less I had deja vu. Now it is a...
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    Why do Christians use the cross?

    I always thought the cross was just symbolic for the crucifiction of the SUN/Son upon the Zodiac Cross.
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    Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow?

    Lmao, I should have definetely read the date. I guess it was just the fact that the article mentioned the move into Leo, and me knowing that under the tropical zodiac or whatever today is the day Leo begins. Ah, wish i could've seen a live video of this.
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    Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow?

    Anyone know much of this? and how visible it will be in eastern us? Tomorrow's lunar eclipse will be last one until 2010 | National | - Houston Chronicle
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    Christianity lacking a WHOLEsome view?

    Alright, so I googled deus meumque jus, to find that it means, God And my Rightness. Most of the links I found, were relating this latin phrase to the Masonic use by Albert Pike on the cover of Morals and Dogma Of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. I've done a lot of studying...
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    Spiritual Free Will

    Lol. This is a great thread. I've always related mindfulness to divine will, as stated in many of the previous posts here. The insight on this forum is so solidifying. Settling, to say the least.