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    Just a stranger on a bus

    Holy crap it's the Almighty G.! *Takes pictures to send back home*
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    The lurker bids you welcome before I disapppear again.
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    Couldn't find both versions of this on youtube but I think this should give everyone a good laugh (I hope). POWER THIRST!!! - CollegeHumor video Powerthirst 2: Re-Domination - CollegeHumor video
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    the scary thing about me

    The scary thing about me... I did kill someone. Then they came back and killed me >.< It's a vicioius cycle.
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    Don't know, why should I worry about that? (Forgive me if this sounds blunt)
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    Dumbledore - oh my goodness gracious me!

    I honestly think she was actively seeking controversy. The books were finished, no need to say anything else about the characters if people didn't pick up on it by time the books were done.
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    What Are You Watching on Youtube?

    I've been watching Hellsing. A short interesting and somewhat disturbing anime.
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    Hello everyone

    The lurker bids you welcome. *And vanish*
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    Which history would you visit?

    A question that I'm uncertain was answered. Would you be stuck in that time period you visited? Most of history may have its ups, but it also has its downs (long wars, slavery, more prejudice and discrimination). I would actually be more interested in seeing the future of our planet and if human...
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    I heard that terrorism was first used as a tactic during World War 1. I'm a little fuzzy on the details (tired) but it seemed like an effective method to deal with an invading force. On second thought, it might not be terrorism but the suicide bomber that was used. I also heard that there's a...
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    What is our best hope for Peace on Earth?

    Well, I'm thinking that with all the food we try to give to some of the less fortuinate countires, the real obstical is keeping it from falling into the hands of greedy politicians or self serving rebels.
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    What is our best hope for Peace on Earth?

    Very funny devil boy.
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    What is our best hope for Peace on Earth?

    Then there will be another species taking our place in a few million years, maybe a little sooner.
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    What is our best hope for Peace on Earth?

    So much to read and I'm having a problem cutting out one thing to talk about. Forgive me if it takes a lot of time for me to get back to you on this and that my responses are usually very short. I don't like speaking too much, even through text. Perhaps the best hope for the earth is humanity...
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    What is our best hope for Peace on Earth?

    I wasn't thinking of evolution. The basis for my throught is that millions of sperm race through the body to fertilize an egg. Plants race for sunlight. Even the most docile of animals do compete with others of their own species or others for survival. My basis is simple observation, and doesn't...
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    What is our best hope for Peace on Earth?

    What kind of peace are we looking for? Because... Even if we fully unite the world and stop international political turmoil. Even if we stop violent crime in the cities and towns. There is still one thing that all life on earth does, and that's conflict with another organism. Life, in it's...
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    New here.....

    *Walks in with a tray of snacks, pilfering two brownies before Muslimwoman gets to them.* Welcome Michelle, and don't worry about how much you know and don't. You'll just learn as you go, something everything does. Hope you'll feel comfortable here.
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    Happy thread

    Who knows, maybe the tiger would associate the orangutan as a part of the litter, a sibling. Family bonds can be very strong in the natural world as well.
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    human stupidity- the curse of mankind

    Stupidity and natural selection? What better army than those made up by idiots? I think of this from a different view point. As a biologist. This form of collective stupidity could be a result of our desire to save every life we come across, and not letting natural selection root out those...
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    Happy thread

    I miss the purr of my old feline friend. *sigh*