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    Blurring of human-animal distinction

    purrfect as in purr
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    Major world religions are fundamentally the same- and true!

    If all religions are true, then it is equally fair to say all are completley false. Truth is truth, error is error. If we paid are bills using erred math for one (To High) and (to low) for falsehood then those with the false math would be ripping off those doing it correctly.
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    Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."

    I'm learning
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    Anti-Islamists banned from Bradford march

    ?????? What are we ????
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    Virus attack on Iranian reactor?

    It does not matter who did it, imagine a virus like that being introduced in Europe, the United States and the Western World in mass all on the same day. The economy, the equipment, the infastructure disruption or distruction would be unbelievable. What can be done there can be done where your at.
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    Telepathy - Experiences and Insights

    Quarks are so small, though they have mass they are still so small they pass through the earth and us a trillions of times a day. They have mass so they are not spiritual thing in relation to the universe. So if God's spirit can pas through us or dwell in us at what ever level he decides could...
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    Saving yourself from the idols of today

    God is a person and to God it is personal. He knows every hair on your head, so ask him.
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    Jesus of Siberia

    I'm a Holy Son of God by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Simple just as him to make you a son or daughter. Get adopted - redeemed by grace
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    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    Real Jesus = God Almighty. Doubting Thomas finally got it right.
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    My spiritual beliefs - what does this make me?

    Your still in flux - its called searching. However you might want to pray this. May the God of all things visible and invisible, the God of love reveal the truth to me.