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    History of Yoga

    The inspiration of a text would have to be God inspired to create peace and security within our souls. Philosophy is more than rules and concepts and inspiration but should be a guide to life. In a spiritual way. Evil and good need to be acknowledged, yoga spends more time dealing with feelings...
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    On Yoga The Architecture of Peace--Trailer

    I see a problem with what you said. If souls are defined as love then why are people committing evils in this world? Self realisation comes from spiritual connection, this comes from being connected to God and becoming in essence, a person of God. To do that would take more than just a...
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    Do You Believe?

    Contemplation in your context is great for mental growth, the only problem is that it only deals with the present circumstances. Spiritual meditation deals with the future and plans ahead. We learn from our mistakes but how we meditate is very important for where in time we place our trust, what...
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    Feeding the Spiritually Poor

    You do know Mother Theresa was a catholic nun right. What i mean is her concept of feeding the poor and motivating people to believe in God would of been based on her catholic views. I actually agree with Mother Theresa on how we should provide for and the determination we should have to help...
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    Dr. Andrew Weil, MD - on the benefits of Yoga

    The benefits of yoga to me sound like the benefits of smoking weed. Same dedication, same mental effects and same attraction to success. Shouldnt meditation actually become something which helps a person spiritually grow. But growth is a development of time. Meaning that over time things change...
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    The Yoga Path

    You say all the right words. But the practice of spiritual flows and mentality is not just a concept and you are describing it to be. In all honesty as a Christian meditation doesnt involve all the works of God. You are making it out to be something which is totally spiritually incorporated but...
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    The Yoga Path

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    What is Taoism (Daoism)?

    How can we find true happiness in ourselves without connecting to a God. What about true self, that would mean that there is a false self, suffering is something which comes to everybody. Its why the world has problems believing in God. How would a taoist connect to the spirit. How can a taoist...
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    I see some problems with spirit and matter. How does someone connect to the spirit realm. What about matter its everything we see. So explain miracles and how they would work in a jainism setting? Connection to the spirit is something that cannot be done unless we are in spirit. Well that is...
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    My difference with the teaching of Bahaollah

    This is easy. God the Father is known by everyone as God in concept and religious design. All religions acknowledge God The Father. They just do not see Him as The father of a son. The Son, is Jesus Christ, He is historical and acknowledged by almost all religious experts and known as God in...
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    Extended Families

    My family resent God. I love God and am committed to serving God even though it can be hard at times. Spiritual value precedes and confirms the output of emotional and mental survival.
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    Something I see but don’t understand

    I see some problems with what you said, just as there are positive encouraging thoughts, there are negative and discouraging insights. The point as that we nee to be guided by the Spirit. True meditation is spiritual. Connection to God is not chanting or saying a ritualistic set of words, but...
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    I identify as: (belief)

    What happens when there is disagreements and no unity. The bible says its a demon and society calls it negative impacts and problematic circumstances. I identify as Christian because i believe the logic and context and relationships and situations of the bible are relevant today and always have...
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    Happy Nowruz, Newroz, Equinox to all who celebrate!

    I wish you all the best, make Jesus your leader because the beginning of the end is upon us. The 3rd temple is going to be built, and everything is ready the sacrifices, the priests, the tools. Only the planning permission needed. Once the Antichrist is revealed which will be shortly after the...
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    If the sun is the creator of no consequence, can theology rebel by using socialism to gain symmetry?

    God is not but hide and seek. Hes looking for you but you choose you hide from Him. Come out and let Him know He want to know Him and go out to a restaurant and eat with Him.
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    Do you use affirmations?

    The ability to change comes from spiritual value and from personal productive choices. We choose God and He chooses us, its a partnership. God is always open to suggestions but we must engage and connect with Him. Mental growth is spiritual connection.
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    I spy something in my minds eye

    I have seen, been attacked by and interacted with demons. I have seen the aura of angels, and heard a literal calling from Jesus Christ Himself. That being said experiences do not shape someone, but mentality and productive spiritual choices.
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    The biggest blessing God can do for someone is turn a stony heart into a bread of life. Stones are good for nothing but bread is vital for use and has many uses. Miracles are good incentives but true faith is based on mental and theological identity coupled with practical choices and spiritual...
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    Symmetry: Derail from Sound and Sacred Geometry

    Vibrations are deceitful and unpredictable. The mind is controllable and hearts intentions when truly born in the waters of the Holy Spirit.
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    I/0 let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    What brings honour to a belief system is an output of a productive belief system. No all beliefs are good for us. Growth and spiritual reliance comes from true beliefs. God is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33