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    Were the Wicker Man films Hollywood baloney?

    Ritual and religiously prescribed killing (of humans and animals) is also part of Jewish and Christian history. It's all in the Bible.
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    Parasitic Entities & Spirit Guides

    Most introductory books on working magick include instructions for how to do basic protection and banishings to clear out unwanted invisible influences. You can look up step by step instructions on the internet for the LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram) -- it's very common among...
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    Please help = I really miss him

    The smiley that Etu Malku included at the end of his post suggested to me he was joking. Of course you can do spells without using candles!
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    Thanks in advance and only answer if you know how

    Here are the spells I would recommend. Remember that no spell is 100% guaranteed to work though. It depends on your talent for being convincing. 1. Ask your friends directly to put whatever it is you want in writing in writing. 2. Contact the restaurant chain headquarters and let...
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    Personally I always thought it was a bit demeaning to assume that cultures like the Egyptians couldn't have been smart enough to accomplish things on their own without outside help. That being said, I also think there was likely a lot more interaction between cultures than a lot of people...
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    Were the Wicker Man films Hollywood baloney?

    Most of the Pagans I know liked the original Wicker Man movie but hated the Nicholas Cage remake. And the usual comment that is made about the movie is that "I loved the movie -- and would love to live on that island if it weren't for the human sacrifice!" I don't know of any Pagan religions...
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    Is Money "Energy"?

    Another alternative currency was described by Cory Doctorow in his sci-fi book "Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom". In his story, money was replaced by a reputation-based currency system he called Wuffie. There's an explanation of it at Whuffie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Has any one ever done this

    I think you'll find that most experienced magickal practitioners rarely repeat other people's spells exactly as written. Spells that are created to work with your personal symbolism will have a better chance of working than spells using someone else's symbolism. Before you leap into...
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    How long

    Results usually depend on the specific magick being done, just like with science or medicine results vary. For instance if I do a healing spell for a minor ache or pain, it can sometimes produce an almost immediate effect. A more serious injury however would likely require a lot longer for...
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    To Gatekeeper - only way I know to get a messag to you

    If you want to send a private message to a member here, just click on their name where you see a post by them, and in the menu that pops up there is an option to send them a private message. I'm not sure that "spell begging" is something we want to encourage here. The best spells are the...
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    does magick work?

    Like with any scientific experiment is all comes down to careful definition of one's terms, the circumstances and methods of the test, and what constitutes a success or failure. The question "What is magick?" is one of the perennial debates among those who practice magick. It's not exactly a...
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    I hate it when people say you should do it their way

    Seattlegal -- if I'm understanding your posts, based on a Zen outlook, if we were to take it to the logical conclusion then the "ideal" or most pure form of the spiritual pursuit described would be for one to meditate in a state of sensory deprivation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems...
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    I hate it when people say you should do it their way

    It all depends on the specific spell and what you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes props are not necessary -- but props (like actual medicine for a healing) can mean the difference between a faint chance of success and an almost certain chance of success. If the spell is primarily...
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    I hate it when people say you should do it their way

    How do we know that anything works? By trying, observing results, and then seeing if we can repeat the results. It's the basis of science, and it's the basis of any other endeavour that involves attempting to produce reliable results. People who practice magick are advised to keep a diary...
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    I hate it when people say you should do it their way

    Please don't double-post. Copying and pasting whole posts and then reproducing them in multiple places on the board could be considered spamming and violates our code of conduct. However, I'll leave it this time as the duplicate could be turned into a worthwhile discussion. I agree with...
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    Which God are you talking about? I'm a polytheist. Lots of myths describe both gods and goddesses performing magick spells. For instance, the great Egyptian goddess Isis performed magick to resurrect her slain husband, Osiris. From a literalist scientific point of view I would agree that...
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    Does any one have

    Vajradhara, I find it interesting that you describe Right Hand Path as the negative one, and Left Hand Path as the positive one. In Western occultism it usually reversed. For instance, if you look up Left Hand Path on the internet you will find lots of Satanism resources. There are many...
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    Yes, merely reciting the words can be enough IF you consider the spell to be "merely" a prayer. There are many who practice magick who consider prayers to be just one type of spell -- and not necessarily the most effective.
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    Hex does the person being jinxed realize

    I'm with Wil on this -- and you'll find that many modern Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans agree that attempting to hex or jinx someone is messing with bad magick. There's a reason why Wiccans talk a lot about the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what you will." It's because one of the basic...
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    what is better

    It depends -- is the spell supposed to be in the paper itself, or is the paper merely your instruction sheet? If it's an instruction sheet (the equivalent of your recipe for cooking) then you can dispose of it in a normal garbage can, recycle it with your recycled papers, or keep it in a...