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    Thomas Cleary?

    Cleary's I Ching translation differs from most others such as Wilhelm, Legge, Douglas etc quite a bit. So much so that almost opposite meanings are derived from some of the lines. Cleary gives no indication as to why the lines have the meanings appended to them as do the other serious...
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    feminine aspect of God ?

    But maybe like Michael Angelo only small ones?
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    A Baha'i who would like to learn about Hinduism.

    Hi - I'm not a Hindu, more a kind of universalist, but I've studied some aspects of Hinduism quite deeply over many years, so here's some amswers to your questions 'Hinduism' is actually a misnomer. It is a term invented by colonialists to refer to a group of diverse spiritual beliefs and...
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    feminine aspect of God ?

    Sadly. I think you're right about that.
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    Hi - hope you're doing well!

    Hi - hope you're doing well!
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    Time Magazine Article Says Henry Viii Founded The Church Of England!

    It seems to me that the underlying question here is this: would the C of E exist if the Pope had granted Henry his divorce, or if Henry had never sought a divorce? I think we can conclude that it's not very likely, esp. given Henry's previous support of the Catholic Church against the...
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    feminine aspect of God ?

    Thanks - that's an interesting article. I would tend to agree that in the past traditional Christianity has been narrow and dogmatic, intolerant and also a tool in the hands of those who hold power. Perhaps this is linked to the absence of the femminine aspect of God in mainstream...
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    I'm back

    Hi all - I've been away from forums for a couple of years, but I've decided to give this place another go. Look forward to some interesting discusions. Love & peace.
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    feminine aspect of God ?

    Check ot thye works of Julian of Norwich, 14th c english mystic. Especially her 'Motherhood of God'. THE JULIAN OF NORWICH, HER 'SHOWING OF LOVE' AND ITS CONTEXTS, WEBSITE
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    I'd love to be able to give my own testimony here, but I fear it would take many, many pages! Perhaps one day I'll write it all down. All I can say is God is the reason for my existence. He has offered me, an insignificant piece of dust, the chance to be His son. To live forever with Him in...
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    Did Jesus exist?

    The question, with all respect, is not 'Did Jesus exist', but 'Does Jesus exist'? I would answer in the affirmative - Jesus exists. The place to look for Him is perhaps not so much in texts, but in the heart.
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    Favorite Song Lyrics

    Villanelle For Our Time. From bitter searching of the heart, Quickened with passion and with pain We rise to play a greater part. This is the faith from which we start: Men shall know commonwealth again From bitter searching of the heart. We loved the easy and the smart, But now, with keener...
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    We were given this world, we didn't make it

    I certainly agree with that. :) 'on earth as it is in heaven'.
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    We were given this world, we didn't make it

    The natural world could be said to be given by God. Human culture and civilization are human productions - some under a divine influence no doubt, but much of it coming from other motivations. I think our task is to make a new world - If God wills to bring this world to a greater perfection...
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    religious fiction poll

    I quite like 'Siddhartha' by Herman Hesse. Also 'The Glass Bead Game'.
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    What Are Sheol and Hades?

    Altough the word 'Hades' is mis-used to indicate a kind of hellish realm of the dead, it actually refers to its ruler, the greek god Hades, otherwise called Dis or Pluto, brother of Zeus. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity, or at least Bible Christianity.
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    'Third Secret' of Fatima

    On the general topic of Mary, it should not be forgotten that the Orthodox church has also long held Her in high esteem. She is given the title 'Theotokos' Mother of God, and venerated, as in the Catholic church, as head of the Saints. She is not thought of as a goddess, or part of the Trinity...
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    Sri Aurobindo

    Yes - I agree that if it doesn't benefit the world at large, spirituality is very limited, even selfish. Also, you are right to say that Sri Aurobindo diverges from the Vedantic traditions. However, I think Swami Vivekanada was also concerned with reform of Indian society, judging from the...
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    From a talk by Gurdjieff

    Pseudo esoteric systems also play their part in the work and activities of esoteric circles. Namely, they are intermediaries between humanity which is entirely immersed in the materialistic life and schools which are interested in the education of a certain number of people, as much for the...
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    Favorite Song Lyrics

    Acony Bell. by Gillian Welch. From the album 'Revival' The fairest bloom the mountain knows is not an iris nor a wild rose but a little flower of which I'll tell known as the brave acony bell. Just a simple flower so small and plain with a pearly hue and a little known name but the yellow...