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  1. Namaste Jesus

    Jokes, jokes, and more jokes ...

    Several states are planning to reinstate hanging as a means of execution for male offenders who have received a death sentence. However, the lesbian community has launched a protest, demanding to be hung like the men! 🤣
  2. Namaste Jesus

    Taking a Road Trip? Make Sure You Have a Good Spare!

    Well, the roads in that area of Fiji are barely passable on a good day, so you often see people on horseback. Don't often see them carrying a spare tire though. Apparently what happened was, a motorist did attempt to traverse the terrain and when the inevitable happened, got caught short without...
  3. Namaste Jesus

    Taking a Road Trip? Make Sure You Have a Good Spare!

    One of the wife's cousins in Fiji sent us this.... 😁
  4. Namaste Jesus

    God is very forgiving!

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  5. Namaste Jesus


    Just atheistic sarcasm on Aup's part I believe. Never gets old.... :rolleyes:
  6. Namaste Jesus

    Another Media "Star" Passed

    Damn, that hits home... Loved Christine's deep voice as well as Fleetwood Mac, one of my all time favorite bands. 😢
  7. Namaste Jesus

    What's For Dinner?

    What's for dinner? What else, leftover Turkey Burgers! 😋
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    Sort of a cat story... As I've mentioned, the wife and I have been looking after a couple of stray kitties, we've dubbed Be Bop and Midnight. They've been showing up at different times every night for a while now. Well Midnight, the more enterprising of the two, has figured out how to knock on...
  9. Namaste Jesus


    For a brief period growing up, we lived near 4 churches. I still have fond memories of the bells ringing out every Sunday. Interesting thing about that, none of the churches had a bell! They broadcast the sound over loudspeakers. ⛪
  10. Namaste Jesus

    Interfaith Relationships Study by PhD Student Jaclyn Doherty

    Qualify for what? The study was nearly a year ago and the originator hasn't posted anything since January 2021. So I suspect they already got whatever it was they were after.
  11. Namaste Jesus

    Thanksgiving and America

    Well, 2 days after the great pig-out and I've but 3 words to say... Fried Turkey Sliders! 😋
  12. Namaste Jesus

    Thanksgiving and America

    Well, dinner's over, leftovers contained and turkey discards deposited for the wild critters. Thus far, 3 raccoons, 2 opossums and 1 fox joined Be Bop and Midnight in the feast. For the most part, the fare was well received, though there was some grumbling over the garlic gravy... 😒
  13. Namaste Jesus

    Thanksgiving and America

    30lbs bird in the oven as we speak! 🦃 Why we needed a 30 pounder for 3 people is beyond me, but I suspect the little critters around here will be happy about it! ;)
  14. Namaste Jesus


    TSA found a Cat in someone's luggage at a New York airport. Not to worry, kitty is unharmed and back home. Owner of the bag claimed they didn't know the cat was in there... yeah, right :rolleyes:
  15. Namaste Jesus

    Unusual Hobbies...?

    My latest dollie showed up at my door a couple weeks ago. Meet Jiya, an adorable 1/3 scale BJD (ball joint doll).
  16. Namaste Jesus

    Unusual Hobbies...?

    Not quite. Pet shoes are more or less just vinyl socks. The dollie shoes I have are accurate down to the last detail. Rubber soles, canvas uppers, metal shoestring eyelets, padded insole, even the tiny stitches are the real deal. Amazing workmanship! Got them and the 1/3 scale dolls from a...
  17. Namaste Jesus

    Unusual Hobbies...?

    Funnily enough, I know where to get such skates! 😁 As well as High Top Sneakers for all scale action figures!
  18. Namaste Jesus

    LGBTQ Rights and Society

    When I was in High School, seems like 150 years ago now, there were 2 gay fellows that I knew of. Probably more, but gay folks didn't draw attention to themselves in those days. Despite that, the one fellow was rather flamboyant and that's putting it mildly. I mean, purple velvet hat complete...
  19. Namaste Jesus

    Unusual Hobbies...?

    Well, my doll friends are at it again and things go slightly awry when Lil' El tries to serenade dolls twice his size... 🙃
  20. Namaste Jesus

    What do you admire about another religion or world view?

    Oh, without a doubt Hinduism. So many varied beliefs and colorful traditions. Mostly though, at least in my wife's Hindu tradition, I think what I like most is their acceptance of other faiths. As a Christian, I've always been welcomed with open arms. Even referred to in Fiji by their Pandit as...