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    The Advantage of Being an Athiest

    Only if those who care about them are very religious. For an atheist, the thought of dying and going into oblivion rather than some sort of afterlife, holds no more terrors than the simple thought of death. I've noticed that very few religious people are keen to get into the afterlife, i. e...
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    Jokes, jokes, and more jokes ...

    A man walked into the Lingerie Department of Macy's in New York City. He tells the saleslady, "I would like a Jewish bra for my wife, size 34B." With a quizzical look the saleslady asked, "What kind of bra?" He repeated "A Jewish bra. She said to tell you that she wanted a Jewish bra, and...
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    hugging, eye contact...

    I guess my boyfriend is the only person I hug "properly," although I will occasionally give one-armed hugs to my parents, my sister and a few very close friends. I'm not comfortable hugging strangers, I guess.
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    While most US adults believe in God, only 58% are absolutely certain

    For copyright reasons I can't post the entire results of a Harris Internet Poll, but it does give a lot of insight into faith and what cultural groups people define themselves as. Check the link above and discuss. For the record, I define myself as culturally Christian, even if secular rather...
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    Interesting... Extraversion |||||||||| 33% Stability |||||||||| 40% Orderliness |||||| 26% Accommodation |||| 16% Interdependence |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Intellectual...
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    Britain and America

    As a teenager I lived for a year in the UK, but that was over 20 years ago and I'm sure the island's changed a lot since then. Little old Finland certainly has! Never been to the US, nor do I particularly want to at this time. The current political climate frankly scares the crap out of me. The...
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    What is your world view?

    No surprise here, 9,7. I expected the science rating to be a bit higher, although as I'm somewhat open to non-Western medicine, I guess that's what accounts for the 7.
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    BK Religions

    Judas was necessary for Christianity to form. Some are angry with him because he betrayed Jesus. However, without Jesus dying on the cross, there would be no Christianity. That's why I find it absolutely astounding that some people still vilify the Jews because they insisted Jesus be crucified...
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    Senseless beauty

    I've enjoyed reading your columns very much, even though I disagree with the premise in many of them. God didn't have any hand in my creation, or that of any other being on this planet, or this universe come to that. Luck of the genetic draw and a nurturing environment when I grew up, as well...
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    Senseless beauty

    I'm afraid I must take exception to this phrase in the strongest possible terms. There's no god in my life nor do I feel the need of one, but that doesn't make me unable to appreciate the beauty of a waking wood at dawn, a sunset, or the almost eerie bluish light of an Arctic winter's day.
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    Which religion do you follow?

    None, and I'm not searching either, so I can't vote. Perfectly happy as I am.
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    I'm trying to convert a friend. Can you help me?

    Everyone needs to follow moral and social laws, or else we couldn't function as a society. That doesn't mean everyone wants to submit to God's laws. I certainly don't, as for me there is no such thing. That doesn't make me amoral or a criminal.
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    Is Alcoholics Annonymous ethical?

    Seems to me that fervent believers are often addictive personalities. If they're not addicted to a more or less harmful substance (anything from coffee to heroin), they may be addicted to God instead. A fundamental flaw exists in such people: they can't survive without an external support, and...
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    I'm trying to convert a friend. Can you help me?

    You can't convert people by force. It has to come from them. I would be very offended if someone tried to convert me, and would likely cut off all contact with that person. You may be sad and upset that not everybody sees the world as you do, but it's their choice. Frankly in my opinion...
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    Bible inspired by God or just written by man?

    I guess common prostitute was a bit harsh. I just meant that since I don't believe the father of Jesus was anything other than a flesh-and-blood man, Mary must've pulled some wool over Joseph's eyes to convince him she carried the son of God, if he didn't impregnate her, that is. And on the...
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    fears place

    Are you allergic to the shift key? That's too hard to slog through without proper punctuation, and splitting text into paragraphs would make for much easier reading as well. The subject is hard enough, don't make it harder by not adhering to typing/printing conventions. Thanks.
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    New Member but long time lurker

    Nice to see you here. :)
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    Bible inspired by God or just written by man?

    I wholly agree with this one. However, I fully believe that there did exist a rabble-rouser called Jesus in the Palestine about 2000 years ago. He certainly suffered the fate ordinarily meted out by the Romans to rebels and criminals, i. e. crucifixion. The only miracle I believe in there is...
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    Faith healing, True or false?

    I've heard something similar about prayer. Apparently praying helps heal people, even if the patient doesn't believe in prayer. I wish I could find a link to the study, which is a few years old. It'd be interesting to see what methods they used to research it, as unfortunately the results of...
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    Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."

    I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. We did spend 5 weeks together during the summer (vacation + accrued overtime leave) and only had one serious argument. Enough to clear the air and to know that we can disagree, kiss and make up, and move on, rather than just sweeping any problems that are...