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    Wow that experience sounds scary. I wouldn't have liked that. The vision I experienced - I'm still not sure what the message behind it was. At the time I was a Catholic attending a Catholic high school and they wouldn't have liked any talk of mediums and things like that, and I felt...
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    Do you watch TV?

    The TV is never off in our house! I love shows like Coronation street, emmerdale...I love reality TV like Big Brother, pop idol, x factor, i'm a celebrity get me out of here... I also love my comedy shows, Little Britain is my favourite, and others include My family, gimme gimme gimme, keeping...
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    I'm Here At Last

    Welcome Dark Angel :D
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    If you feel something happening again just ask your guides/God to protect you and then just go with it, just let it happen. The first time I did this and learned to just go with the flow was when I had my first vision. It was strange, it was a garden and running through it was a paththat waved...
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    I think that's a great question :) I was brought up Catholic but when I was about 15 I wanted to remove myself from that faith because it didn't feel like it was for me. I tried Wicca, which I found to be a beautiful religion based all around nature but I didn't last long following it, so...
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    I was under the impression it's the same thing, mediums channel spirits. Am I wrong?
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    Choosing your religion!

    New Age (100%) Browse New Age related books. Click here for info 2. Neo-Pagan (98%) Browse Neo-Pagan related books. Click here for info 3. New Thought (91%) Browse New Thought related books. Click here for info 4. Unitarian Universalism (87%) Browse Unitarian Universalism related books...
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    Everlasting Life!!! What does it mean to you?

    Hi Tommy, This is what I believe: To me everlasting life can mean either reincarnation or remaining on the other side in spirit form. I haven't heard of new heaven and new earth, could you please explain? I do believe we remember our loved ones, I beleive they come to 'collect' us when we...
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    minutes to live

    What an interesting question! Firstly, I would obviously do everything I could to save their life. If there was nothing anyone could do and death was iminent, then I would first put myself in thier place - what would I want to hear? I wouldn't want to hear somebody quoting the bible at me, no...
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    I beleive that religious tolerance is accepting that otehr people have beliefs that are different from my own and respecting them even if I don't beleive them myself. As for if they are as valid as my own, yes I believe that one presons beliefs are as valid to them as mine are to me. I...
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    Pick and Mix religion

    Yes I agree there, I think the biggest cause of religious hatred and discrimination is ignorance. If people are educated about other cultures and religions then it will lead to more understanding therefore more tolerance.
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    What is Life?

    Hello Quahom1, I have never looked at life in that way before! It's so weird to think that there's loads of little lives inside one big life, but it's true. I guess it's just another part of the great mystery life. Lisa x
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    coffee, tea or soda?

    Coffee in the morning definatley, sometimes tea, depends on mood, either way its milk and 2 sugars (guess I shuld cut down on the sugar) through the day its usually diet coke with lime, i'm obsessed with it! In the evening its usually tea, just normal tea I rarely have this fancy herbal stuff...
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    Spring&Summer 2005

    Bandit be careful, especially on that rollercoaster! Have a great summer and hope to see you on here once in a while! :D Lisa x
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    Would you change your life ?

    I wouldn't change anything in the 17 years i've been here, maybe in the future i'll feel differently but at the moment I regret nothing.
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    awww Bandit, I'm not a mum but I bet your mum loved that, it's very sweet. :)
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    Different Languages

    My first language is English, I did French to GCSE and got an A (wooo!) but then I didn't carry on and have forgotten most of it. I also studied German for a year but I really wish I'd carried on with it. I once tried to teach myself Turkish but that was unsucsessful.
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    Quick count of women and men here

    Female here! Just so you all know :)
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    Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."

    I love it when you wake up in the morning and the sunlight is streaming in through your windows and you know it's going to be a lovely day. I love waking up.....and realising I don't have to get up
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    What book are you reading at the moment?

    I've just started reading the English version of the Qur'an, i'm finding it fascinating so far. I've just finished reading 'spirit messneger' Gordon Smith, which is just basically describing how he got into mediumship and spiritualism, and also i've just read Jordan's autobiography - has...