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    Preachers Of Hate

    pamela geller is a moron (although a rather photogenic one). she is best understood as an instance of the "everything is someone else's fault" school of political thought. i'm not sure i particularly like the implication of "pawns of the radical branch of the zionist movement". zionism...
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    Jewish gematria.

    i think it's bollocks. bananabrain
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    5778 year of our world

    start with rashi - standard commentary on the chumash, available on the Judaism, Torah and Jewish Info - Chabad Lubavitch site (look up "parsha with rashi"). ramban (nahmanides) also very good on this. remember, nothing in the Torah is there for no good reason. b'shalom bananabrain
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    Boston Bombers Muslim??

    so do you, therefore, accept that everything in the TaNaKh is a record of a historical fact and therefore evidence of a real genocide? or just the bits that you disapprove of? incidentally, i have very little sympathy with the "no true scotsman" argument that says that "the bombers were doing...
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    5778 year of our world

    i should say that the consensus is that the Oral Torah in many cases predated the giving of the Written Torah - otherwise, how did people get married? similarly, there are some customs, like halitzah, that are clearly older. equally clearly, the Written Torah also superseded some of the customs...
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    5778 year of our world

    i don't think it's that important, really. there are some people who really obsess about it, but really the calendar doesn't have much meaning for us before, say, noah or even abraham really, it's all tied up with the mystical significance of the ages of the patriarchs and the meaning of all the...
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    Jesus the ritual sacrifice

    you are completely missing the point - as well as being unnecessarily accusatory. throughout the period of the judges through to the destruction of the first Temple, jewish culture was a struggle between the siren voices of bloody, child-sacrificing, sexually immoral canaanite idolatry and the...
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    God or G-d

    for us, the Divine Name is accessed through the letters of the holy Torah, in particular the four of the Tetragrammaton (as some call it) - hence, the Names themselves have power and one should avoid casual or even direct use of them unless for a sanctified purpose. this leads people to write...
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    your brain is also made from meat, dude. without eating meat we would never have evolved the cranial capacity we have, although you may be interested to know that we share over 60% of our DNA with bananas as well. "truth" my fat meaty behind. bananabrain
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    Build us a Death Star!

    it's hard to see how it wouldn't. a strong geopolitical advantage with two oceans of strategic depth, command of global trade, global air superiority and an economy that even if in recession right now is far bigger than the next biggest put together - the decline of the usa, no matter how...
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    no, it's your OPINION. i think they're as sacred as dogs and as sacred as onion bhajis. cows are TASTY and *that* is the truth! sheesh. no wonder you're not convincing anyone with a case like that. i wonder that you think it makes any sense at all. your case is basically "because i say so" -...
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    Israeli businessman: New European Holocaust

    i wouldn't count on it. i very much doubt G!D is impressed by sanctimonious posturing of this nature, or assertions that my father-in-law's family (for one) deserved to be murdered. one of them was 8. what was she being punished for, you miserable, cruel bigot? bananabrain
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    no. i am saying that you make no sense and your argument makes no sense. my "guru" is beside the point. look, incoherent link-posting is no substitute for coherent thought and argument. if this is how vegetarians think, you're not an example i'd want to follow. no. i am saying that a proper...
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    no, because you write like a concussed sheep. yes, but the same cannot be said for your thought processes. perhaps a decent meal would get you thinking right - how about a kebab? no, the *granular causality* of "karma" (as you call it) is simply more complex than you could possibly imagine...
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    incidentally, i'd like to know whether vegetarianism causes rape? upon what do you blame the current crisis in india? or are these bastards all meat-eaters? b'shalom bananabrain
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    A question

    perhaps bhaktajan will blame it on meat-eating. b'shalom bananabrain
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    Conjectures and Refutations

    oh - i think i see what you mean. in non-philosophical terms, it's like saying that one should admit that when one uses terms such as "truth", "correct", "fact" and "proof" and so on, that it is a sort of shorthand for "working truth", much like the idea that a solid is not really a solid when...
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    as usual, i have no idea what you're on about. you don't like meat-eating, that much i get. the rest i simply cannot follow. b'shalom bananabrain
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    The Divine Connexion

    or couldn't we just all live peacefully anyway? why is it so important to everyone to eliminate my culture? b'shalom bananabrain
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    Conjectures and Refutations

    you know, i'm not entirely sure i understand what the two of you (radar and L7) are arguing about - and i generally think of myself as quite bright (i know, i know, i'm not). indulge me - are you disputing precisely where the line around the concept of "truth" can be drawn, or what? b'shalom...