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    No, i haven't disabled PMs, i just checked. :) This message system seems very complicated to...

    No, i haven't disabled PMs, i just checked. :) This message system seems very complicated to me... but then - most things do. ;D Warmest Regards, malcolm .
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    I just sent you a PM, i'm not too familiar with this forum.

    I just sent you a PM, i'm not too familiar with this forum.
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    The Nephilim Race

    Concerning the Flood and the Ark, it's interesting - at least, to myself :) - that there's no mention of an Ark in Enoch, Noah is merely told to "hide" himself. The "deluge" itself certainly isn't a flood of waters, the Angels - Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel - are ordered to "Destroy...
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    false prophets and staying in truth

    I most certainly agree with those sentiments. It's a shame that we can't ignore all the man-made interpretations and dogma which have accumulated over the last 2000 or more years and simply do as the Christ asked us - love one another.
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    Life After Death

    Hello bgruagach, Earlier, you said: Have you read anything by Ian Stevenson? He presents some pretty convincing evidence for reincarnation. His books "20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation" & "Where Biology and Reincarnation Intersect" really are worth reading, if somewhat dry. "Where...
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    The Book of Zohar.

    Thanks for your interpretation, pohaikawahine, i certainly hadn't seen it in this light. I tend to think that on the personal level it's the coming-together of our own Masculine/Feminine aspects (totally ignoring our perceived 'gender') and also - eventually - of these aspects of the Christ...
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    The Apocalypse Comming Soon?

    Considering that quantum scientists say that it appears that we (individually and as a species) create reality (both our own, and in general), all i would say to those who believe that the End Times are upon us is: Please - forget all about it! Think happy thoughts — green grass, blue sky...
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    Do viruses have souls?

    That is precisely how i think it works, Wil. It seems to me that a virus is the first step on the ladder of evolution - physical and spiritual. So yes, i think that a virus has a soul - albeit a very rudimentary one.
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    The Book of Zohar.

    My sincere thanks for the help, bananabrain & pohaikawahine, i'm deeply indebted to you. One of the things which fascinates me is the concept of the Bridal Chamber, i've been trying to tease the threads apart for some time now. It's mentioned in the Gospel of Thomas and several Gnostic texts...
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    The Book of Zohar.

    Hi pohaikawahine, Thanks for the info, that's quite a list. Unfortunately, a 'real' book isn't feasible at the moment, i was hoping to find something on the web, but in the fullness of time (i.e. when finances improve :) ) .... There's obviously much more to it than i realised - and the reason...
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    a tree is just a tree?

    Why are you all wasting time on the internet discussing Christmas/Holiday Trees? Go out and buy something - that's what Christmas is for. [/cynicism] :D
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    Three Marys

    Hi Wil, I put that badly, they're not meant to be quotation marks " " to show a "quote" as such. What i intended them to denote was a word which i wasn't sure was the correct (or best) way to describe the dialogue of one human with another consciousness other than his own. What i'm trying to...
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    The Book of Zohar.

    I've recently started reading the "Book of Zohar", and i'm wondering what it's standing and teaching is in terms of Judaism. For example - is it accepted as a genuine Book of the Faith? There is a reference in "Rose" to re-birth: "A complete replacement of egoistical desires with altruistic...
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    Three Marys

    That's how i see it, Thomas, that's my interpretation of how the Norns/Wyrd Sisters and other tri-part Goddesses relate to the three Marys of the NT. You said: "So Mary Cleophas would be the present or the status quo?" - ummm - yes, i typed it wrong first time, i should have checked the...
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    Three Marys

    Hello InquisitiveInHalifax, You asked: - Yes, and they were all at the Crucifixion too. In the case of the Norns, the Wyrd Sisters, etc., the symbolism seems to have been that one (Urd) was the past, one (Verdandi) was the present, and the other (Skuld) was the future. Another way to see...
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    Hello Vajradhara, You asked: "it seems that many traditions have a tree in their symbology, usually this tree is a symbol of the life process for the tradition in question. what is the purpose, in your opinion, of using a tree rather than another plant or geographical feature, such as a...
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    Thanks Brian. :) Regards, malcolm
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    Hello pohaikawahine, You said: " .... I was just thinking the other day about whether we had any Gnostics or Mystics on the forum ...." — Hello. :D Regards, malcolm
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    Hello McCravey, I realise that this is quite an old thread in a busy forum such as this one, but i'm wondering just what gnosis you experienced - and what you perceive Gnosticism to be. For instance, as you come from "a deeply religious and Orthodox background", it may come as quite a...
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    Gospel of Thomas

    Hello sara[h]ng, You said: "My yoga instructor told me just tonight that yoga means 'union' and that it refers to union of the body and spirit." "and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female" — seems - to me - to mean that...