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    nobody to have a good old flame war with? what's happening..?

    nobody to have a good old flame war with? what's happening..?
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    It's Heaven to Me

    karaoke, 24/7, with no waiting. unlimited Guinness you can drink all day without feeling bilious, and... all men would wear sequin mini dresses and stockings. even jesus. no exceptions...
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    Hi my name is Gaven

    ooh, sounds mysterious...
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    Why Do We Trust Ancient Texts as Accurate?

    So, none of the negative attributes I have warranted against the almighty have merit? So, there's no gay people being murdered in Africa? No child witches being hacked with machetes? No divorced people being denied communion? I must be so wrong.
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    Is the Bible corrupt?

    the james I was referring to was the king, of the KJV Bible, and, rather than laugh at my so called "invalid" questions whether jesus was, or was not, the son of God, was debated by the church, and decided on. Not decided by God, or indeed, a DNA test, but a conclave of bishops. and, re...
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    do theosophists still think of Jews as a mud race?
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    Is the Bible corrupt?

    did Jesus have a belly button? Was Mary taken to heaven when she died, or did she have to wait until 1956? Did God hate witches, or was James paranoid via whore-given syphillis? Who decides? You, me, the bishops? A king? Of course the bible has been corrupted...
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    Why Do We Trust Ancient Texts as Accurate?

    Frankly, I see very few Gods who are worthy of my worship. If God can't keep up with man, why should we carry him? A sense of duty? Loyalty? Blind faith? Leave that spiteful, old, blind cripple to die in the snow. It is a kindness, perhaps, to abandon him. Perhaps he will change when...
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    Roll call...

    still lurking here
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    I haven't been around for a while. Am hoping you're coping, Vajra x
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    Debate: Is Islam a Threat to the West?

    lol, of course not, Richard. Now some of my best friends are Protestants!
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    Where's the Real Buddha Maitreya?

    hahaha... I can't help but laugh. You're not the real messiah, Maitreya, you're just a very naughty boy.
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    Debate: Is Islam a Threat to the West?

    i know this thread is old, but I haven't been around to reply to it! Is Islam a threat to the West? Well, here's my take on it. I was raised a Catholic, in England, in the 1980's, and encouraged, by my Irish family, to HATE the Proddies. Proddies were scum, and the cause or all our catholic...
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    Doesn't have an explanation for what we humans consider beautiful?

    I can easily explain away love, and self-sacrifice, without referring to DNA, or evolution, or God. Love, like self-sacrifice, is just a concept. We all want to believe these qualities are innate, or somehow spiritual, but, really, are they? We are conditioned, by society, by family, and...
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    I am veggie, and have been since I was around nine years old. That's, almost 29 years of vegetarianism! I still eat egg, but only the whites -- don't like yolk, but will eat it in cakes, etc. No fish, no meat, no crustaceans. I became a veggie as a kid: the girl who sat opposite me in junior...
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    Tips for a happier life (from da pope!)

    I was happy, at first, with Francis. He seemed like... a decent chap, but... like his predecessors, he's opposed to... contraception, abortion, gay marriage, and women priests. when will the church catch up with the rest of us? probably never, and that's why I refuse to take communion.
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    Do I even have a religion?

    hey thomas, good to see you again. just read your Gnosis post!
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    Do I even have a religion?

    equinox... wow. I remember being fifteen. I was into drugs, committing minor crime and the work of Aleister Crowley. Many moons later, I consider myself to be a buddhist who sings praises to a christian God in Latin, Baroque style. The person you are, now, is not the person you will grow to...
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    hey 17th!

    hey 17th!
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    Is it wrong to tell an aetheist parent that their dead child "is in heaven"?

    I see people often fake compassion when they don't really feel it, and religious and spiritual types are particularly susceptible. It's a pro-social thing, ultimately, I believe, but often, results in trite soundbites that could be considered mildly offensive. "S/he's with the angels now"...