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  1. iBrian

    iBrian has passed the baton!?!?!?!

    Apologies for not mentioning anything too public - my financial situation has been getting increasingly tight, so I was forced to sell of a number of my websites, which included IO. However, I feared that posting a public announcement about my leaving might be seen as being disruptive to the...
  2. iBrian

    My time here is done - if you need anything at IO, please contact StevePame...

    My time here is done - if you need anything at IO, please contact StevePame:
  3. iBrian

    Site upgrade broke avatars

    I'm not sure at present! I'll have a check - but for the time being, probably safer to keep with existing avatars. Am still getting used to the new system. :)
  4. iBrian

    Forum upgrade coming shortly!

    Apologies for the thread disappearance - that would have been from the server move, which I mis-timed, I'm afraid. The "New posts" button is wonderfully useful - not only do you end up on the last unread post of a thread (instead of having to scroll through the pages), but the list remains...
  5. iBrian

    Does God Learn?

    Ah! I was about to suggest that an omnipotent God cannot learn, as that would be an oxymoron. But God is experiencing its Creation through every living thing, so therefore there's room for the argument. :)
  6. iBrian

    Does God Learn?

    "How did you think to ask that question?"
  7. iBrian

    Forum upgrade coming shortly!

    Right, apologies for the bug issues yesterday - should be all fixed now. Any problems logging in, please do email me at admin@interfaith .org
  8. iBrian

    Forum upgrade coming shortly!

    As you've probably noticed, since moving the forums to the new server, there have been a few errors on the board - for example, avatars no longer showing up. However, this weekend I plan to do a full upgrade of the forum software from vbulletin 3 to xenforo. Things might seem a little...
  9. iBrian

    Paradoxes of the Ancient Egypt's Belief system

    Ancient Egyptians - so far as I understand it - believed that they would be reborn into an afterlife that mirrors their earthly life. IIRC, it was a common belief across the ancient world. In other words, a world exactly as they were used to, but perhaps without pain or death. That's why...
  10. iBrian

    Morality & Violence in Modern Movies

    Judge for yourself, before allowing a sense of outrage? Anything can be demonised, but only you know what's acceptale to your sensibilities. Btw, I believe the same people behind this film are the ones behind the film Kick Ass. Did you see that? Were you offended by it?
  11. iBrian

    Ya'at'eeh all.

    Welcome to Interfaith, ThunderBow. :)
  12. iBrian

    Unlimited birthrate

    Moved to politics. :)
  13. iBrian

    Site upgrade broke avatars

    I'll see if I can get the avatar issue fixed. :)
  14. iBrian


    wil, doesn't St Paul make a statement somewhere that all women should cover themselves in Church, at least? :)
  15. iBrian

    The Objective of Atonement

    Moved to the Judaism board, so that we can keep the topic focused. :)
  16. iBrian

    Site upgrade broke avatars

    Terribly sorry about this, but I've just moved the site to a different server, but it's broken the site avatars. Turns out the server software we were running before was very out of date. That on top of the fact that the forum software hasn't seen a proper update for a few years means that...
  17. iBrian

    Is Islam actually peaceful?

    Posts approved. :)
  18. iBrian

    HELP!! Huge post lost in limbo!

    No worries, now approved - apologies for the delay as well.
  19. iBrian

    Ask a Theistic Luciferian

    Don't feel trolls, please. :)
  20. iBrian

    Bill Maher Versus Ben Affleck on Islam!

    I was under the impression that it's a fundamental - and essential - point of belief in Christianity that most everyone else is going to Hell. Heck, Jesus spoke on Hell frequently. Most secularists would consider the damnation of others to be somewhat rude and offensive, but if someone quietly...