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  1. shawn

    Urantia Book

    I have read a few sections of it, really don't know too much about it. I have a copy around somewhere and I have been meaning to get around to it, but haven't had the time yet.
  2. shawn

    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    Very nicely put. :cool: They don't have a thumbs up smilie so that one will have to do. Cheers.
  3. shawn

    Conspiracy Theories / Secular Superstition ?

    A clip from Deek Jackson (be warned ....language #$%$#@.........) So if you are offended by f$%#ing language, then don't click the play button) ****Go to 3:24 where he presents his ideas regarding "conspiracy"...erm coincidence.......... Very well put and IMO totally accurate...
  4. shawn

    Unhappy with time limit

    I gave a simple remedy in response to your other post. The solution is quite easy....I am sure you will get it in no time. Wouldn't want you going about pouting or anything.;)
  5. shawn

    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    If it has gotten rid of the self centeredness of saving the one life from the stick of eternal hell, that people are alleged to get to "figure it out" then it may have some merit. Funny though...if that religion had any merit it would already have such a "vision". (especially after this long a...
  6. shawn

    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    Again you miss the point and go off on a tangent. I was basically joking around as the banter on this thread has been all super-intellectualized to the point where it is off in the stratosphere. So I was seeking to lighten the load a bit with my typical irreligious stance. I do think that both...
  7. shawn

    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    LOL Your latest words to voice were most exquisite and choice. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is a terrible bore. So I shall leave you folk to your long winded chore. (and actually I had periods of unemployment in the aforementioned period where I needed some distraction that I...
  8. shawn

    Oh, no, not the “real” Jesus again!

    You guys are as exciting as reading through legal briefs. Gahhhh. Over-intellectualization of a simple thing so as to obfuscate the fact that it is much ado about absolutely nothing. But one can look really smart slinging high powered words around which signify nothing. Too bad there is...
  9. shawn

    Towards the ordination of women in the Catholic Church

    Simple remedy, just go to the bottom of the main forum page, and click on the currently active users button ( leave that tab open and use other tabs to view your topics and respond. You will never time out as it automatically refreshes itself. Either...
  10. shawn

    Ever thought about this possibility?

    One can presume that it has served the role of being a "necessary idolatry". One that it would be good to treat as a tutor and then move beyond.
  11. shawn

    doo doo happens

    All this talk of dung reminded me of the story I heard. Back in WWII the Germans were getting their butts kicked by little germs. The Allies weren't so much the trouble but the raging trots in the form of dysentery was. Huge losses, troops dying, many decommissioned and out of action due to...
  12. shawn

    Water filters

    An old idea that is really low tech is a solar still and it will remove all the bad. But then one needs to re-mineralize it. You can google how to build one, they are dead easy to do and if you have sunshine, you can make water clean.
  13. shawn


    IMO, "mind" has many layers and we largely operate on the most superficial of them. Freud had some interesting ideas but I think the cocaine addled his reason.
  14. shawn

    Anyone ever heard of the "Good As New" Bible?

    Aramaic is the original language. Modern Hebrew is derived from it. Maybe you didn't read the brief.
  15. shawn

    Anyone ever heard of the "Good As New" Bible?

    A short history lesson for you Q: The rest of the lesson can be found here:**** And the commentary on the Tenahk which is known as the NT is just that, commentary on the Mosaic covenant, which hasn't changed, notwithstanding all the Christian...
  16. shawn

    believe or know

    This is related to the discussion: NgYE75gkzkM Law professor Yochai Benkler explains how collaborative projects like Wikipedia and Linux represent the next stage of human organization. By disrupting traditional economic production, copyright law and established competition, they're paving the...
  17. shawn

    My spiritual beliefs - what does this make me?

    Religion divides people into teams and such....Love unites as Love is Connection. One is either Aware of this, or they are not.
  18. shawn

    Love cannot be sinful

    Love is connection. Everyone gets sidetracked by other issues and so argue and wrangle over the matter, thus proving the lack of connection they have. One is either self-centered and lost or connected/aware. It is not that complicated.
  19. shawn

    Confusion about Mary

    Mother Mary, one of the weak points in the whole story, as how could a sinful woman give birth to a sinless god? So they had to do god only knows how many rewrites until the got that one to its present version. Lots of correlation to the Isis and Ishtar stories and others. Of course this...
  20. shawn

    Conspiracy Theories / Secular Superstition ?

    Yup, there are no conspiracies. People have nothing to hide. Everyone is honest and open, transparency in public institutions is all the rage. And we can believe absolutely everything these authorities say, because we can trust and have faith that they only do things inspired by the highest...