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  1. Lumpino

    Explanation of paradigm differences "The foundation of yoga is that the key to god, or the macrocosm, or the absolute ......" In Hinduism, for example, there is a Bhakti yoga. And with the related effort to achieve a visible manifestation deity which...
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    The Illuminati

    I think Illuminati dont exist. It is a construticon ...
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    What is nirvana?

    Nirvana? :) Life is suffering.......... see Nirvana is the End of suffering. That mean, by my opinon the End of life in any form. The End of life in this world and in spiritual worlds too.
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    gods science

    I think, buddhism not, but hinduism yes. For example hindu God Shiva is very similar like Egyptian Ammon Ra. The third eye and Cobra for example. But, buddha is not any god. Buddha is a man, who sed, that existence is a harm, and that his goal is a Nirvana = end cycles of lifes
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    Your God/Goddess

    My favorite God is Shiva, or Ammon Re. I think, its the same. And Goddess Hathor or Ishtar.
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    Immortality Of The Human Soul

    Iinteresting is view of the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist philosophy. Eventually, gnosis. They regard the soul as a spark of cosmic energy, eternal and indestructible, but without the will and consciousness. Will and consciousness obtained through the body (packaging, Kosha).
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    Immortality, never-aging, - is it possible to achieve that?

    There is spiritual Alchemy. Good teaching is in The book of Golden flower, translation by R. Willhelm. An old Alchemy book from China, taoistic alchemy. Concentration of about three months to the space between the eyebrows and then focus the mind to places in the middle of the chest, the best...
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    Alchemy: The Lost Science

    Maybe because it is an old "pagan" science. In The secret of the golden flower is, that adept can see gods.
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    Alchemy: The Lost Science

    I think, Alchemy is primarily spiritual science that has been veiled in the West as a physical transmutation because of the Holy Inquisition. But, in the Eastern countries, there wasnt any Inquisition, texts are uncovered. See you for example The secret of the golden flower, translation by R...