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  1. Nerosis

    Anti-paedophile protest in Weymouth

    Did anybody see these protests in Weymouth over the weekend? A paedophile protest in Dorset - Name and shame website. Child abuse, paedophiles, rapists, murder, knife crime. What a wonderful idea from the concerned parents, I hope that they can get some results with this type of peaceful protests!
  2. Nerosis

    The Nature of the Truest Love

    hi immortalitylost... yes you are is the ultimate way to prove your be so selfless that you are prepared to end your own existance to preserve that of another! Very romantic too :)
  3. Nerosis

    Daily Wisdom Saying

    Stop eating processed carbohydrates
  4. Nerosis

    Is God Married ?

    Yes...we got married last year :)
  5. Nerosis

    Derren Brown....

    I bet he would convince me I can afford it too! ;)
  6. Nerosis

    Derren Brown....

    Hes a brilliant entertainer, really gets your brain going when you watch his hes awesome to have at your dinner party :)
  7. Nerosis


    lol quite a funny article...obviously written by someone whos been pushed a little too far by trolls!
  8. Nerosis

    Home Defense.

    And rightly so...because people are becoming down right miffed at the way they have no rights to protect their home, their family, their lives... Its only because people feel "failed" by the justice system that there is even talk of "eye for an eye" type retribution...
  9. Nerosis

    The Nature of the Truest Love

    Knowing I would jump in front of a bullet to save my brothers life, that is love.
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    1300 tremors in Yellowstone?

    Wow!! Is it time to run and hide yet?? What sort of warnings do you think would be given?
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    Ban the

    It looks to me like the ban will not go ahead in France. It should be up to the government to decide, as they are voted in by the public, essentially the government should be the voice of the public. Whether they are or not is an entirely different matter!