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  1. Tamar

    Christian Fundamentalist Terrorist in Oslo

    From all I have read about this guy his Christianity did not play a part in his actions. He was angry about immigration, and he saw Islam as a threat. He was a nationalist who was threatened by multiculturalism. Many in Europe see the inability or refusal of Immigrants to become part of...
  2. Tamar

    Faith: Belief vs. Knowing

    Faith is what we have, it cannot be proven. Religion espouses beliefs that folks in that group need to believe in order to be members of a group. I don't believe there is truth and I don't believe religions who say they have the truth are right. I believe that each of us chooses our path...
  3. Tamar

    New here

    Right now I am unaffiliated but I am more at home within the renewal movement.
  4. Tamar

    France bans face-covering Islamic veil

    Every muslim I know wears the veil because she feels she has to because it is required for muslim women and others do because even though they believe it isn't they choose to. Unfortunately in many Muslim countries these 2 scenarios would not be the case and the men have control over what the...
  5. Tamar

    France bans face-covering Islamic veil

    I don't care what folks do in their religion as long as I am not impacted by it. But as a child I was impacted by openly practiced Christianity in the public school and I see it only as good that children of all faiths can attend public school without the open practice in public school.
  6. Tamar

    France bans face-covering Islamic veil

    The issue is that the niqab covers the face with only the eyes visible. You are correct it is not a requirement. Even those who wear it say it is not a requirement but they are choosing to go beyond a hijab and wear a niqab. So for reasons of identity it ought to be taken off when...
  7. Tamar

    Reportedly, Osama bin Laden is Dead

    We elect our government true. Those people in the twin towers were innocents who were killed because they were seen as guilty because they lived in the United States. People who did not vote for those in power, children who have no vote, and those who aren't eligible to vote. The...
  8. Tamar

    Are veiled women a threat to the world?

    I have seen muslim men dressed in clothes that are not pants and do look a whole lot like what the women are wearing. Long white dress like outfits. so if they can wear dress like clothes in Muslim countries then why can't women wear pants??
  9. Tamar

    American Jews not happy in Israel?

    Well many Jews choose to live outside of Israel because of these issues, and many Israelis leave because of these issues. Government needs to always be separate from religion in my opinion.
  10. Tamar

    Is there a web forum or community for non-jews interested in judaism and...

    Conversion to Judaism requires time spent in study with a Rabbi, and learning Hebrew becoming involved with a community and making a Jewish home. Depending on your route ie Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, or Reform the Rabbis will have different expectations. Once a person is...
  11. Tamar

    American Jews not happy in Israel?

    Any Jew can go to Israel but that does not mean they will be seen as a Jew or registered as a Jew. More and more there is a divide between the Jewish diaspora and the the ultra orthodox and their control in Israel. Then there are problems of those who convert to Judaism and if they are seen...
  12. Tamar

    Women Rabbi's?

    If the Jews had remained in one geographical location ie Judea and the temple was not destroyed by the Romans and the land renamed Palestine then Judaism may in fact look very different then it does today. But in the wanderings of the Jewish people our practice has changed to allow us to...
  13. Tamar

    Post Denominationalism

    Thanks! I did not get my info from there but the info from wikipedia is great. I know the rabbi at my shul hates the use of denomination for the Jewish movements. Once I have 10 posts I will be able to link my sources. the 2 sources I used were Judaism 101 and Jewish resources on Yahoo.
  14. Tamar

    Post Denominationalism

    The different sects or denominations of Judaism are generally referred to as movements. Movements of Judaism The different sects or denominations of Judaism are generally referred to as movements. There are basically 4 major ones in the world today: Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and...
  15. Tamar

    Post Denominationalism

    I think denomination may not be the correct word but more movements within Judaism. Denomination is more a Christian word I think. I don't affiliate with any movement but I do feel closer to the renewal movement. So there are the Reform, Conservative, Renewal, Orthodox, Ultra...
  16. Tamar

    modern Hebrew

    Shalom, I am learning modern Hebrew. It been really fun and in the last year I have learned alot. I am lucky to have an Israeli for a teacher. Are others learning Hebrew too? Tamar
  17. Tamar

    New here

    Shalom! I just found this forum and signed up. I am Jewish and I live in the eastern United States. I have always been interested in religion. Tamar