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    What's the third eye?

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    What's the third eye? cleared up some of the madness I was talking about. I am getting a better understanding and hopefully I can. put it to good use soon.
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    I am giving up on religion

    I know that it's hard time and things are uncertain but I can't do this any longer. I loss too much to be humble and thankful. People just evil and hate filled for me to follow dogmas and ideology. I got only one life to live and I'm trying to make the best of it. I need more than faith and...
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    What's the third eye?

    Hi I been skeptical about this subject because I have researched and still. lack understanding. Iisten to all these experts on it and find myself more confused than anything. I know it's a view inside of the spirit world, but what else? Why Christian see it as evil to open your third eye...
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    What is your worldview?

    My view of the world is that people can be hateful and some can care, but as I experience as I'm going through this uncertain phase in life, it's not about me it's about others.
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    Manifestation: Is it good,!

    Manifestation works, but it takes time. So has it work for you? Do you think you need to change how you manifest things?
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    I need more understanding

    I have always wanted to be a traveling brother, but my financial situation keep preventing me to join. I have family that are brothers of the craft, but they have all transition and no longer with us. I have a lot of questions, but don't want to burden anyone with my ignorance. I just showing...
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    Why things are going bad?

    The reason I ask this question is because there is no way to truly prevent or prepare for uncertain event's. Take me for a example, I use to believe in the religious routine of reading the Bible and praying, almost begging for something just to be let down. I'm homeless, but don't let that make...
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    What is Masonry?

    To discover and really get to know what masonry is it is best to ask a brother when you see 1.
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    I need more understanding

    I am saying this out of pure hurt and love. I'm at a point in my life that I look at life in the most negative light. I thought churches and these non profit organizations supposed to help, but they are the worse. I thought we were supposed to go to God with our needs and problems, but mines...
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    Desperately need help

    My siblings and family
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    Desperately need help

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    Desperately need help

    I'm 45 male
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    Desperately need help

    I'm in a trouble spot and do not have access to the help We need. My siblings, mother, and nephew left for Florida and left me with my father. We don't connect or really have a relationship now. He is more concerned about a stranger well being than ours It's like they make me out to be a...
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    Spirituality vs Religion

    This is a short question. Religion has not been a great choice for me . It has been problematic and a source of confusion for me. Spirituality has been a liberator, but I have my doubts that it is for me. I still need structure and guidance that religion offers, but without the strict control...
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    Spirituality: Should it replace religion?

    This has been a tough personal question for me for the past few years. I keep wondering why do I need to replace one religion with another? Do I really need religion or focus on my own beliefs? I grew up in Christianity,but slowly conflicted and questioning what is it true purpose in my...
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    Why do religions exist?

    I hope that no one be offended by this thread,but it must be asked. I am still researching and trying to make sense of what religion has caused people. It has caused war's,and people sanity even people's lives, but I m still puzzled by how all these religious text power is centered from...
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    My belief

    My belief is simple to follow. I believe in Duality, Universal Laws,and LOA. I believe in A Supreme Creator, and a host of helpers. I don't believe in these doctrines being inspired word of this Deity. I believe organized religion is a reflection of civilization at that time in History. I...
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    What is religion?

    A disclaimer: Do not feel that I am attacking religion by my questions and opinions. These are experiences I have faced and my views about it. If you are Christian do not read this thread because it will offend you the most. I thought religion is more about salvation than prosperity,and how...
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    Truth about Religious Texts

    Thank You all for your help and clarity on the subject. Devil's Advocate I will give a answer later on today.:D