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    Dear Interfaith Friends, There comes a time in the life of every interfaith poster when change is at hand, and that time, for me, is now. I can’t say it hasn’t been interesting. It hasn’t always been fun. The debates about Theosophy were sometimes contentious. But I learned a lot from those...
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    Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers)

    And I found some commentary, on-line, but it is pretty conservative (give me that good liberal viewpoint :)): Maharal Archives - I will return to this commentary shortly.
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    Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers)

    I have become more interested in learning about ethics and morality and thought it might be fun to post some quotes from Pirke Avot. It turns out that this section of the Talmud, which deals with ethical and moral principles, contains no halacha (Jewish religious law). Unfortunately, I...
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    Art of War - Sun Tzu

    Wiki says: Returning to the topic of leadership, here is a very interesting passage from the same wiki on Sun Tzu: Now that is real leadership, to be able to out manuever his boss, everyone agree ?
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    The Green Moon of Sterrett-5

    Woof, woof, grawwwl..........snap !!
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    Good Tool for Learning Biblical Hebrew

    Congratulations, Dauer, that is an accomplisment you should be quite proud of !!
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    The Green Moon of Sterrett-5

    Hi Penelope, I personally prefer your stories that have some connection with history. This one, if I understood it, was pure sci fi. Even though your history based stories are pretty far fetched, at least they have some connection with reality. I also think the plot was a bit weak but the...
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    Tao of Leadership

    I had missed those earlier suggestions, thanks for bringing the thread back, they look like great references for leadership !!
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    The Devil Card

    Brian, I will be glad to discuss the role of the devil in Judaism, both in Torah and other Jewish texts. I think it served as a basis for later Western thought about good and evil. But first, I would like to hear from Bruce about his views and the Theosophical views of the devil. I am...
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    The Devil Card

    Hi again Bruce, why does it seem, where Theosophists show up, the devil isn't far behind :eek: ? Are you gentlefolks into devil worship as well ? Just curious. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!
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    Merry Mystical Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all !! :)
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    The WWII question

    I like the way you put that Wil. Amica, peace to you as well ! But, I do not understand your point. You seem reasonable. Why are you asking an insensitive question ? Can you imagine if the same proportion of Muslims were killed as Jews in WWII. Probably that would be over 100- 250...
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    Happy Birthday Seattlegal

    Happy Birthday, SG !! I hope it is warm and sunny in Seattle :D !!
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    happy birthday path of one

    Happy Birthday Poo !! You are the greatest Five Green Square Poster !!! :)
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    A GOD OF BLACK EMOTIONS - the birth of Monotheism

    Penelope, it looks like you have found your box of your old college books !! :D I guess we are in for some real treats coming up now !! :)
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    Biblical Marriage and Divorce

    Re: Pocket full of sunshine aren't you (With the new avatar you can't even stick a banana in your mouth :D)
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    I Ching

    :D.....Hi there, DrumR I bought the I Ching (Power Press, 2005) without knowing much about it. When I brought it home, I was surprised to find that it is actually a game of chance. Since I consider myself a rationalist, I was at first a bit disappointed with my new purchase. But having made...
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    I Ching

    The wiki entry on I Ching says it is important for both its philosophy as well as being an oracle. Here is the section on philosophy: This section seems to indicate as a philiosophy it is most relevent to metaphysics, ethics and cosmogony, does everyone agree those are its most important...
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    Home Defense.

    Excellent point, CZ, but it would have carried more weight if it was coming from an Chimpanzee avatar rather than a Men's Washroom sign (:D) !!
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    Jewish Free School Racist?

    I had forgotten that in the UK the government supports the "faith based" schools. That does put a different perspective on the situation for me. I makes me realize how insightful our founders were when the instituted Separation of Church and State. Here is a great example. Because the...