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  1. bob x

    Irish Chronology of the Irano-Afghan and Abrahamic People

    So the numbers are verse numbers? OK, whatever. It does appear that the use of "Scythia" all over the place is from the Irish original text and not the later commentators. The particular case of Nemed (by the way, I find that "Nemed" is Irish for "privileged status"; sometimes nemed is "holy...
  2. bob x

    The Reincarnated Amazing Pseudo-Haiku Thread

    we shall overcome someday, and sing Kumbaya four-part harmony
  3. bob x

    Dis-info about authentic Hinduism

    Your first link is broken for whatever reason: here is the truehinduism main page. It is one thing if you disagree with his outlook, which does seem well outside of mainstream, but it is quite another to assume insincerity.
  4. bob x

    Man became a speaking spirit?

    Bot became a spiritless speaker?
  5. bob x

    Irish Chronology of the Irano-Afghan and Abrahamic People

    WHAT THE NUMBERS MEAN! What is so difficult about this? So the "237" is a footnote number? OK, so where is "129" taken from? There were four pairs of sounds conventionally marked (because of the Sanskrit pattern) as b/bh, d/dh, g/gh, gw/gwh (as opposed to the unvoiced p, t, k, kw where there...
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    Yes, you had a huge empire, a long long long time ago, and people know that, and don't care much. No, Iranian languages are not "master" languages, if you mean closer to PIE than anything else, but even if that was true, nobody would care. Nobody gives Greeks a pass on their fiscal...
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    Babylonian, Chaldean, Persian, Zoroastrian

    Sigh... with anybody else I would assume this was a joke. Bab-el means "gate of God". It is a GERMANIC root. The "ch" sound does not even exist in Semitic. No, they were from the south slopes of the Caucasus, from the Urartean language group which has no known kinship to any other (not...
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    Artificial Intelligence

    As I was saying...
  9. bob x

    Censorship, forums, freedom, crime

    [It is] inconceivable that we should allow so great a possibility for service and for news and for entertainment and education [as radio] ... to be drowned in advertising chatter or used for commercial purposes. Herbert Hoover, 1922
  10. bob x

    Artificial Intelligence

    I don't think we are capable of creating anything other than artificial parrots. AI true-believers (and it is really a religion for some Silicon Valley types) think the difference between the bots we make and our own minds is just quantitative, that with some increase in processing power the...
  11. bob x

    Irish Chronology of the Irano-Afghan and Abrahamic People

    Sigh... I didn't want you to just repeat the numbers. I was asking if you would give me some clue what they are, if they're not page numbers. Before the 237, you have a related text (roughly corresponding Irish/English, both with the "Greeks of Scythia" weirdness) marked 123. Before the 273...
  12. bob x

    The First Religious Suicide Killer

    The kamikaze were attacking military targets, at least.
  13. bob x

    Iowa baker says no wedding cakes for gays

    I believe 22 is the number of states that now have some such legislation (and there are some local ordinances in municipalities in other states). Not all of them have the same scope: discrimination in employment is most widely forbidden, then discrimination in housing, and least common is a...
  14. bob x

    Irish Chronology of the Irano-Afghan and Abrahamic People

    Ah. I may need to buy the book as well. I thought this was another of your strange web-sites. Until I have any money, apparently I can't look for myself, but can you clue me in to what the numbers are? I had been taking them for page numbers, but apparently not. You are mistaken. Where...
  15. bob x

    Mormon Halloween bash bans 'cross-gender' costumes

    I was assuming you had at least read the opening post. The Mormons plastered the neighborhood with flyers, and one of the people who got the flyer taped to her door found it offensive. What in the world did you think is the topic? Entirely sure. What are you talking about? What in the world...
  16. bob x

    Iowa baker says no wedding cakes for gays

    What is settled is that a public business may not discriminate on grounds that the community through statute has forbidden you. A restaurant may throw out a customer for smelling bad, if there is no statute forbidding discrimination on grounds of smell. But a restaurant may not throw out a...
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    The Present Age Passing Away

    November 23 of this year, if I am reading his countdown correctly.
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    Why do I bother talking to you? The cuneiform alphabet used for Old Persian does not indicate pronunciation with great reliability, and I tell you for at least the third time, without any sign that you have heard me at all, and with very little expectation that you will hear me this time...
  19. bob x

    Irish Chronology of the Irano-Afghan and Abrahamic People

    OK. I couldn't get from that link to anything more than excerpts from the book. I have to think well of the editor, Macalister, since he agrees with me :D about Books I/II/VIII, that it is a separate and late composition from Books III-VII, made up by a Christian author to make a...
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    Right. They have never used the original Etruscan pronunciation "Ruma" (whether that's "oo" or like the German u-umlaut, Italians have never used either). Now, coincidentally "Romanians" do sometimes shift that pronunciation to "Rumanian" and you sometimes see it written that way; but it's...