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  1. Craz

    The Book of Zohar.

    Ok, I'll kick off, although I don't have much to offer. I first read the Zohar about 50+ years ago.(It was my father's). The thing that stands out in my (failing!) memory is that the writer describes his experiences of the ayn-sof which can be thought of as the source of existence(see link...
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    Be still and know that I am God

    Here is the link
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    Happy Winter Solstice!

    Seasons greetings to everyone. 🍀
  4. Craz

    Be still and know that I am God

    I am uncertain if this belongs in this thread, probably because it has the words loom an weave contained. I'll post it anyway.:) I found this by Kabir I weave your name on the loom of my mind, To make my garment when you come to me. My loom has ten thousand threads To make my garment when you...
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    What music are you listening to?

    Hey, I was gonna put that :(;)
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    Happy Birthday Tony!

    @Tony Bristow-Stagg ..and a happy birthday to you...enjoy
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    Gaza-Israel ...

    Here is a list that may help,of%20Zionism%20by%20Peter%20Beinart%20...%20More%20items
  8. Craz

    Absolute Truth

    I have met so many people who are strong believers in their religion/belief system as being the absolute truth, each one being totally sincere, that I do not believe that there is an objective absolute truth to be discovered. I see we all sit in our own versions and personally, I enjoy...
  9. Craz

    Mysticism – a Christian response to a Baha'i statement

    I have never seen this before, but it reminded me of a devotional quality I have seen in other writings. I was curious to find out more and found a site that's worth looking to get more detail on St Augustine's thoughts. ETA I forgot to post the site...
  10. Craz

    Reform Jew

    @ReformJew @RabbiO and anyone else I am a born Jew and spent my first 20+ years within Judaism, some years as orthodox others as modern-not-so-orthodox. My first 18 years I went to Jewish-orthodox schools and was fairly well versed in Tanach. Later on I was in Israel where I spent some time...
  11. Craz

    Why I take the Bible literally

    Where I live, I have noticed in recent years several people becoming flat-Earthers. People that I thought never would believe such a thing. As I progress my year-count, very little surprises me anymore. Personally I have sat through a few flat-Earth conversations and am not convinced. The flat...
  12. Craz

    What Book Have You Read Recently?

    I've recently read "Why I meditate" by David Lane. David Lane was a Devotee of Charan Singh Maharaj, the former spiritual head of the Rahda-Saomi lineage. At some point in his life he(David) became non-theistic but still continues with the meditation he was taught. My interest is because I also...
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    Muhammad Isa has joined the forum admin

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    Historical Places of Worship

    Large golden statue of seated laughing Buddha in Wat Koh Wanararm, Langkawi Island, Malaysia
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    Valmiki On my first reading all those years ago I was a Qualified Student in that I believed in the concepts of devotion to the living Guru, liberation and reincarnation etc. The reading of the book was an exceptional experience at the time. These days I probably would not be a qualified...
  16. Craz


    @Nicholas Weeks Gosh! It's been 10 years since I posted in this thread and I still haven't finished my second reading. Some comments/reflections Much of the last decade, I have been in much discomfort (both physically and mentally) and these things have definitely hindered my core-love of...
  17. Craz

    John's Gospel

    As far as I know, being a JW(as in part of the organisation) means submission to the Governing body which determines all the doctrines etc. TheMadJW clearly doesn't submit to this body, so he does not represent the movement in any way, even though he says he has the same beliefs. Many JW's...
  18. Craz

    The Mystery of God’s Will Unfolding in this Matrix

    @Modesty I used to go to their mosque in London where they regularly had interfaith meetings. Individuals would each make a presentation of their beliefs. These meetings really incresed goodwill amongst the larger community.
  19. Craz

    The Mystery of God’s Will Unfolding in this Matrix

    I have spent much time with Bahai & Ahmadi communities. It was in a secular way , meaning I was not looking at their religious claims, but rather how they lived and interacted with their local communities in England. I have met with Ahmadis in Israel, which is the only country in the Middle...
  20. Craz

    The Mystery of God’s Will Unfolding in this Matrix

    There have been loads of Messiah/Messenger claimants in the last 2 centuries. Here's the list of Islamic claimants(wiki), full list at Islamic tradition has a prophecy of the Mahdi, who will come alongside the return of Isa (Jesus)...