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  1. Unveiled artist

    How can there be a god?

    Beautiful pet. My condolences. May I ask, do you have a personal outlet? For example, when my grandmother died I created a scrap book etc. That or Id sit outside, talk to her, and cry. It's been awhile. Do you write? Meditate? I agree with @RJM. Go all Will Smith at god. Use him as a punching...
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    Cultural Appropriation.

    I think the difference is not incorporating and participating in the culture in which these religions derive. I've spoken to Hindus and some are vary strong minded on cultural appropriation. Buddhist, I don't think so. Christians, no hence evangelization. I'm not sure of taoist. It's more...
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    Have you ever had meaningful synchronicities that do not need to have a cosmic or deified cause or relation?
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    Has God begat a son?

    Separate question. You mentioned christians put Jesus at a higher standard being god. Muhammad is place as a higher standard as prophet. Shouldn't both be at our standards with no medium between god and man? Treat Muhammad just as every other person without authority?
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    Has God begat a son?

    Shrugs. Hope he's or she's is open to understand other views. I hope....
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    Has God begat a son?

    Essentially, when jesus says to pray to the father he is saying pray "through" me, the incarnation so you can connect with the father. 100% human, 100% father. Unless it's your religion and maybe you're having spiritual trouble with it, I'd say it is what it is. However, there are...
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    Has God begat a son?

    I was speaking to Nameste in your first commenI. I understand both trinitarian and no trinitarian thought. It just depends on your definition of incarnation and it's role. I'll come back to comment on the rest
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    Has God begat a son?

    If the father is Jesus (as how most trinitarians I've speak with refer) than it would be teaching them to worship him/Jesus. If it were God/father he'd still be talking about himself, no?
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    Has God begat a son?

    Off ball question. Did Jesus teach others how to pray to himself or his father?
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    Has God begat a son?

    That's how it's put. The incarnation/human/son prays to his source/father/god. Same spirit and the other human. There's only one god in trinitarian thought not two. If going by the OP, trinitarians believe God/father incarnated/became flesh so -how I understand it:-he/father can...
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    Has God begat a son?

    Actually, think of Muhammad...if he is just a regular human just like us no one would give him any time or day. However, he is elevated as a means to understand God that no others (outside prophets) can uphold that status. The difference is trinitarians hook up with god via an incarnation and...
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    Has God begat a son?

    Say you are god and for people to recognize you, you make your reflection human looking. Trinitarians see the human-your chosen reflection (or how you want them to see you). They say you can't see God face to face so that's how you choose to interact with them. The reflection is not you by...
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    Has God begat a son?

    The incarnation is begotten. Son is in reference and relation to his father as other Christians are sons and daughters of God as well. Human incarnation of god. It's talking about a human not spirit in reference to son and beget. In trinity theology it's the same god just flesh/carnated...
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    Has God begat a son?

    No. Incarnation isn't a separate god than what's incarnated. It's like saying your mirror reflection is you separate than the person reflected ... Two yous. The idea is people see God through his incarnation. One god. One reflection. That's the trinitarian logic of it. Jesus would be a human...
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    Why do you need Jesus? He saves you from what?

    In theology he saves believers from sins. To me, Jesus isn't alive to save me and I don't agree that people "should" die for me to take away responsibility for my misdeeds. I see it more our actions are "put out into the wind" and through complicated chain of events we may experience the...
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    It's too long to read. What's the overall theme/question?
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    Does life flash before our eyes?

    I do think that's true...more like flicker of memories more so than a timeline of events. I also don't agree the brain would show good memories first. We remember bad experiences more than good so read. Has to do with the body's survival system and memory to avoid a next attack (the brain...
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    Any anti vax/mask/virus hoaxers here?

    Goodness gracious. How many would we need to feel safe.
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    This is a huge slap in the face... my empathies @RabbiO.
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    Welcome. I have no clue what a deist is other than a god who doesn't interact with people. How do you define the god you believe in? I think you'll find people with biblical knowledge here. I'm not a Christian so I have no interest in scripture. Welcome