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  1. The Adept

    Din-i Ilahi

    Allah Upanishad 1) I take refuge in our Allah [La, to perish, and alla, eternal] who protects Mitra [sun] and Varuna [the god of water]. 2) There is but one God [Illelle]; the king, Varuna, again takes refuge (in him). 3) Everything is God; sun and stars. 4)...
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    Pope Francis says baptism is for all, even Martians

    Early attempts at rationalization of the unexplained forces of nature. Ancients humans did not look up at the Sun and hear the thunder and say 'Ball of Fire and electricity...can't wait until we know what electricity is.'
  3. The Adept

    Pope Francis says baptism is for all, even Martians

    The linguistics would be different and the arbitrary code: "There is no god but Zodes and Zamdanger is his favoured' Face away from the idol of Zodes upon Planet Kasamo. Clap three times and bow. ? or perhaps more like:
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    What Unity Teaches

    The human omnivour. Such is our ancestry to nibble carrion.
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    The Establishment of the Minyan

    They are Semitic like Arabs (J haplogroup) ~ identical infact, but not Caucasian (R1). Hispanics are anywhere up to 80% Q haplogroup Amerind Indian (Mexico). Which is more mongoloid Eskimo than anything else. Such are the biological differences. PC is not good science.
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    I am G!d!!

    Anthropocentric-ism makes things more relate-able to the humans so they use more common references.
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    Pope Francis says baptism is for all, even Martians

    It is interesting. I presume they would have started with names for the Sun god and sky god, a sex goddess and pastoral pan god of music? No moon goddess unless their planet had a moon and even then it could orbit as differently as they are. Images of the gods of the sky, forces of nature and...
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    Celts in China ?

    It is more likely the Celts originated in Scythia southern Russia. The Picts of Scotland said they came from Scythia and DNA back this up with traces of R1A; and it is from R1A that the 'Celtic' R1B' DNA comes from. They spread West into Europe (a cold land) and East into Western China (as it...
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    I am G!d!!

    I would not recommend arguing with the Alpha male Gorilla; they are appointed as gods in their own domain by the forces of nature. Strength of 10 men, that god has.
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    14 Bible Verses That Indicate Jesus Is Not God

    The trinity does not exist but Jesus could still be a god; for there are many. (in that he is a god to some, and gods do not exist) The title Son of God was made popular by the Roman Empire.
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    The Illuminati

    The Illuminate was males only; the only females brought in for occasions were smuggled in though the back door.
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    The Establishment of the Minyan

    The same bartering with that God was used in the Koran over pray times.
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    Afgan woman takes a chance and bares her legs

    'Journalist Hayat Ensafi, who took the pictures, said he was stunned by the woman's actions. ' He should get out more. It was even better under the Soviets.Dammit! I missed the good times! | The Lost Flaneur
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    Merry Christmas

    Seasonal Greetings! Byzantine music: 3 Kings of the East
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    Progress of the House of Worship in Santiago

    Allways reminds me of a peeled Lychee for some reason, rather than garlic. Sounds a marvelous ceremony.
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    Do there on forum the bayanis ?

    Could try the Baha'i forum and tap arthra? Baha'i - Interfaith forums
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    Falun Gong: "Traditional Chinese spirituality" or "New Age Cult"?

    Some good points by the Dafa cultists there ofcourse but I think the movement mishandled relations with the Chinese Government; Zhuan Falun, published in January 1995 at an unveiling ceremony held in the auditorium of the Ministry of Public Security, became a best-seller in China.[106][107]...
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    The Illuminati

    No. ' to develop social and humane sentiments, to oppose the wicked designs in the world, to assist against the injustice suffered by the unfortunate and the oppressed, to encourage men of merit, and in general to facilitate the means of knowing and science...' Chalk and cheese?
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    Where's the Real Buddha Maitreya?

    There is not the same flexibility for legends to take a hold. Some crazed Prince of a occupied Empire with no answer to the increased irrigation needs except to try and starve himself to death, only to find out it was a bad idea? Would he do?
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    A mass human sacrifice; a glorified wake of the dead. 'An estimated 31,100 excess winter deaths occurred in England and Wales in 2012-13, a 29% increase compared with the previous winter.'