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  1. China Cat Sunflower

    Have your Spiritual Beliefs changed since joining this forum?

    Although I have not interacted on this forum in a long time, I would say that during the time I was actively posting my point of view evolved quite a bit. It is helpful to work through personal issues publicly and experience a variety of input from other perspectives.
  2. China Cat Sunflower

    What Constitutes Proof of God?

    You would first have to define specifically what it is. If it's purely conceptual then it doesn't have to be existential. If it is existential, then we have to know exactly what, of itself, it is. I can envision a strictly metaphysical application for a Prime Mover, as it were, but I can't...
  3. China Cat Sunflower

    Religion as Food Metaphor

    Blessed are the cheese makers.
  4. China Cat Sunflower

    What's your take on the 2nd commandment?

    Well, if you made your idol in a mold, that wouldn't technically be a graven image.
  5. China Cat Sunflower

    Atheist or Agnostic; which do you prefer?

    I am, for all intents and purposes, an atheist. I just enjoy splitting hairs on definitions.
  6. China Cat Sunflower

    Atheist or Agnostic; which do you prefer?

    Sure there is, otherwise they wouldn't have those symbols with A- for atheist on them. It's just like the fish symbol Xtians have on their cars.
  7. China Cat Sunflower

    Atheist or Agnostic; which do you prefer?

    The reason that I self identify as an agnostic rather than an atheist has to do with intellectual honesty. I cannot take the position that there is no God because God is not a definable thing. I can't even begin to consider whether there is or isn't a God without a definition of what it is, so...
  8. China Cat Sunflower

    Belief a CHOICE?

    Not with leprechauns, or sasquatches, or unicorns. Those things are beyond ridiculous. But I did demonstrate that belief is a matter of choice, and that it occurs routinely in one's every day thought processes.
  9. China Cat Sunflower

    A Serious Matter

    One of the functions of morality is to set the bar for what evil is permissible. Evil is most often perpetrated in the fight against evil, or in the service of some ostensibly greater good.
  10. China Cat Sunflower

    Should Religious Organizations Be Tax Exempt?

    If religious organizations were taxed, would they then be entitled to unlimited political contributions under the Citizens United decision? That would be something to consider.
  11. China Cat Sunflower

    Atheist or Agnostic; which do you prefer?

    I prefer agnostic. It leaves room for ambiguity, and doesn't define me in terms of what I am not.
  12. China Cat Sunflower

    Belief a CHOICE?

    If we don't choose to believe things, who or what does? A belief is a temporary position taken in the absence of a complete set of facts. I believe that Honda motorcycles are more reliable than Harley Davidson motorcycles. I chose to believe that based on personal and anecdotal evidence...
  13. China Cat Sunflower

    What I believe.....

    What is the origin of belief? How did we begin to believe? What is the original article of belief? It seems to me that belief is like a rickety bridge cantilevered out over the fact-less chasm toward an island of presumed truth hidden in the fog. Can we actually reach that island, or do we...
  14. China Cat Sunflower

    Aethist vs, religious

    Well, my position isn't that there is no god, just that I haven't seen any evidence that would even begin to suggest that there is one, so I can't even consider it a possibility. So, from my point of view there is no god, but it's not a point of belief, rather it's an absence of evidence. I...
  15. China Cat Sunflower

    Aethist vs, religious

    I am technically an atheist because I don't believe in god. But I don't believe in no god either. I think that god is an impossibly loaded, and therefore unusable term. I'm fine with metaphysical modelling, I just don't try to insert it into the physical world.
  16. China Cat Sunflower

    There is no G!d...

    Well, I think that someone should say what God is. Take out a patent that says what It is and trademark it. That way we'd all know what God TM is, like we know what Pepsi is. Or maybe we could just explain what God does in psychological terms and dispense with the loaded label. God seems...
  17. China Cat Sunflower

    There is no G!d...

    That's true enough.
  18. China Cat Sunflower

    There is no G!d...

    God is a useless concept. No one knows what God is. I think we need to stop searching for the divine "other" and try to self-actuate from the ground up. I'm finding this difficult I must admit, but searching for something outside of me that will come and change me doesn't work. There must be...
  19. China Cat Sunflower

    I don't care....

    I don't care either, but if you're gonna do something really weird let me know- I might want to watch.
  20. China Cat Sunflower

    Worship God, Not Religion

    I studied the Western Tradition and Kabbalah for twenty five or so years. One day (well, not literally one day) I couldn't think of anywhere else to go with it. "I guess I'm done" I thought. A weird mix of emotions went with that thought. At the end of my studies I came to realize that I...