First Buddhist state school planned


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A charitable trust is planning to build the UK's first Buddhist state primary school in Birmingham.

State funding would be sought for the scheme, which would mainly serve the city's 3,000-strong Buddhist community. But some campaigners oppose state funding for schools they say would cater for distinct sections of society.

However, Buddhist monk Ashin Gawsaka said Buddhism was "good for all people" and that the school would teach children to how to respect everyone regardless of their faith.

From the BBC
I dislike on principle the idea of faith based schools, and even though I declare myself buddhist I feel just the same on hearing a buddhist school is opening as I would a muslim or catholic. It appals me. I am especially appalled to hear this is a primary school. The minds of children are like sponges, and I consider deliberately feeding them religion a deception. A person should be able to come to their own conclusions about their faith, or lack of it, as they see fit.

We do not live in a world were all people share the same faith. To go to a school which caters for just one section of society is disadvantageous. In truth, most faith schools cater to middle class children whose parents decide for them which faith they shall have.

There is a school in my area where 90% of the children do not share the same ethnic background. Polish kids and Somalian kids sit next to catholics and jews and muslims. They have lessons in religion and culture, sure, but they provide information about all faiths. If we must give religion to children then I would prefer something like this instead. We should celebrate our similiarities rather than wall ourselves off from everyone who isn't like us.
If there was a Buddhist public school in my area, I'd have no problem having my son attend. {If he chose to go to a Buddhist School.}