Russia chooses new Orthodox head


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The Russian Orthodox Church has opened voting to lay people as well as clerics in the final stage of electing a new leader to succeed Patriarch Alexiy II, who died last month.

Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad has been the acting head of the Church and is considered the favourite.

Metropolitan Kirill has already highlighted one of the great challenges facing the church. While some two-thirds of Russians describe themselves as Orthodox Christians, far, far, fewer regularly attend services.

Speaking to the Trud newspaper, Kirill noted "millions of people have been baptized, and consider themselves Orthodox Christian. But the degree of their observance leaves much to be desired."

from the BBC
I think the russian people today are the heart of Christian Europe. I've only been to the Orthodox church in Kherson but am very attracted. But can you tell me, if you know, why are so many Russian Orthodox priests being killed? Is it just ruffians? Is it skinhead nationalists? Is it Islamist that are angry because so many of theirs are being converted to Orthodoxy? I don't know but would like to. dan b
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Religion was repressed for so long in Russia isn't it amazing 2/3 say they believe? And that they haven't got back into the swing of attending church since they never did?
Gen.49;16 - Dan(Orthodox Russia) shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.
Gen.49;16 - Dan(Orthodox Russia) shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel.
The tribe of Dan became the country of Denmark actually, not orthodox Russia.
Even the flag is similar to the original coat of arms.
Yes, according to most of the "British Israel Organizations" the Tribe of Dan came to Denmark and stayed. But Looking closely at all of the evidence it appears that they only stayed until the Tribe of Benjamin and Joseph arrived for their land. Dan only held his brothers land while they were growing up. He is the oldest of Rachel's children and so looked after his brothers. The Tribe of Dan was pushed back east into Slavdom during the " Drung nach osten " about 800 -1000AD. dan b
All this "identity" stuff really doesn't work for me.
It is so medieval and divisive.

IMO the only way to look at it is "are you alive???", if yes, then you are family.
We are all One people,
One tribe.
One blood.
LIFE is my God.

My God is ALIVE.
Everywhere i look I see evidence and proof,
I read from the "Book of LIFE" every day....all day long.