Shiver Diet



Interesting article on research into "brown fat", not really a fat at all it transpires as it arises from muscle stem cells, but apparently crucial in natural body-weight regulation. So now as well as controlling calorie intake, minimising saturated fats and sugars, salts and a range of chemicals, and not forgetting that all important regular exercise we should now sit in the cold and shiver.

The fat that makes you thin - health - 14 August 2009 - New Scientist
lol- we could add another virtuous dimension, too- think of the energy we'll save in central heating bills- rich AND enviromentally friendly AND thin! thanks Tao!
OMG!! The reason for Middle-aged spread explained!!

Age is one factor. In a recent study, metabolically active brown fat was found in about half of subjects aged 23 to 35, but was present in only two out of 24 people aged 38 to 65 (Diabetes, vol 58, p 803). That team also found that people with less brown fat tended to be fatter.

The loss of calorie burning energy centres with age giving rise of middle-age spread!!

Right, need a cold shower each morning now. :D
yeah, you are how old??

wait 20 years...

if you don't learn to eat less that monster changes shape..

Too true. I have always been and remain slim and like Alex never had to watch what I eat. But now in my 40's with no changes to diet or activity I am putting weight on and have to exercise extra to stop the flab creeping in.