European Issues

great britain also included the foreign commonwealth countries- in the olden days we called it The Empire, but when people starting shouting about independence we started using the term Great Britain instead. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all together make up the United Kingdom... Scotland, Ireland and Wales are all pushing for devolution, to be independent countries in their own right, and they are collectively running their own parliaments, and although generally the law is the same all over the UK, there are some laws that differ in one country to the next. Whay are they pushing for self-governance? Because originally they were all seperate countries, and because they will get bigger EU grants as individual nations! It worked for the USSR!

As for muslims in Europe- is it an issue? It depends who you ask. The far-right political organisations in Europe are joining forces to sway votes, but the christians and the greens do the same thing. Everyone wants to push their agenda. Personally, I am unsure how big a threat the supposed Muslim invasion is. I hear these reports about how one day the world will be swarming with Muslims and how white European natives will be marginalised, and how we will all be living under Sharia law before we know it, but by the time that happens I will be dead and will not care.

Good luck to them, I say. Regardless of who runs the show I, as a self-confessed prole, will do what I always do- exactly as I please!