A little prayer for my friend


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Please guys and gals, I would really like you to put a prayer out there, (or positive thoughts) for my friend Rebecca. She is a young woman, 25, very active and one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She recently found the love of her life, Matthew, (another awesome fella), and they were making serious plans for their future together. She collapsed at work last week, at first we were told she had bleeding in the brain, but now after several tests the specialists have confirmed she has a tumour in the brain.

The decision now is whether to operate or not. To taken action or not, is extremely dangerous for her.

To whatever God (or not) you pray to, please include Bec and Matt in your prayers.

Love the Grey:(
Gesundheit Marine Phytoplankton (phytoplankton)

Barley grass juice
Venus flytrap extract
All very powerful products of the earth with a lengthy history of people who have in some cases been miraculously saved from such scourges just by consuming these on their own.
Even baking soda helps as it alkailzes the body.

*disclaimer.....this is not medical advice, this is research results for purposes of general interest and entertainment, that being said chemo is more likely to kill you than help.
Thank you all, she is not having surgery, they are trying drugs!!!. But thats good, i hope. She is out of hospital and happy tobe home. I have passed on all your good wishes to her. She is amazed at how complete strangers (to her) from all walks and types are thinking of her and Matt. Thank you again.
hurrah! sounds like a positive move- try the drugs first, then maybe surgery! Did pray, but didn't want to add to the post in case I looked like a sycophant, or such.. glad to hear positive news... x