NYC Yiddish Bookstore Needs a Rich Man’s Help

Nick the Pilot

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Every few months news seems to arrive of another nail in the coffin of Yiddish — the death of another poet or actress, the shuttering of another socialist or anarchist office, the failure of a century-old literary magazine to publish for yet another year.

Now the latest woeful news is that the only secular Yiddish bookstore in New York is losing its home on East 21st Street, the one spot where among the huddled, dusty shelves you could schmooze about Sholom Aleichem and Isaac Bashevis Singer with a salesman who spoke the language.

why have a bookstore at all? Why not just sell this stuff on eBay? You won't need to pay rent on eBay.
I love going to used/new bookstores and spending all Saturday just hanging out and thumbing through a bunch of interesting-looking books. We should all bemoan the passing of bookstores such as these.