Heaven On Earth In The Hebrew Bible



It is my understanding that the pre-exilic Jews did not believe in heaven. But is this true? For example how does one explain Genesis 28.12.

It is also my understanding that Jews believe heaven is on earth. Are there any examples of this belief in the Hebrew Bible?
Wait I see how Genesis 28.12 isn't heaven, but what are the best examples of judgment for good and bad deeds and heaven and hell after the Babylonian Captivity?

Also doesn't the fact that there is a heaven after the Babylonian Captivity contradict this Jewish idea of "heaven is on earth"?
Ok... I can't find any evidence of a heaven or a hell even after the Babylonian Captivity. The closest thing to a judgment that I've come across is in Isaiah when God casts judgment on the Jews for worshipping other gods and denies them protection. Which kind of caters to the idea that heaven or hell is on earth. Would anyone like to tell me what I'm missing?
No, I don't think you're missing anything here. The general view in the Tanakh is that your reward for good deeds is that you leave a good legacy for future generations, and the punishment for bad deeds is that nothing comes from you. The afterlife was a belief among numerous Jewish sects later on (here is the Persian influence) but is not a universal belief among Jews nowadays, not even a majority belief I don't think (but you would have to ask bananabrain or dauer for better information on that).