Judaism Interfaith Dialogue


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I am a college student and I am currently taking a world religions course. We have an assignment to have an interfaith dialogue with a faith other than Christianity. I ask writing on this forum to get to know information about the Judaism faith, because it has interested me the most. I have a few question to ask and I would love if people could reply to them, and would appreciate it greatly! You do not have to answers each of the questions, but I would be overjoyed if you choose to do so.

1) Were you born into Judaism or did you convert?
2) Is there a certain sect of Judaism you identify with? (ex. reform)
3) A brief history of your time in the religion?
4) What do you enjoy most about your religion?
5) How does your faith impact your personal values?
6) Do you practice your religion differently than your parents?
7) Would you be willing to marry someone of another faith?
8) How do YOU define God?
9) What are some of your favorite Jewish holidays or traditions?
10) Have you or someone you've known ever been discriminated against because of your religious views?

Thank you so much! I appreciate your help, and will enjoy learning about your religious experience.