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Alright, I am prepared to be lambasted and told to stfu...

I would like to see more discussion...re interfaith and theology...hence I'd like to start promoting this site through social media to my friends and pages that may have readers who would be contributors here.

But in doing so, as first impressions are a thing... I'd like the top 20 posts to mostly be valuable discussion on interfaith, religion, theology (ikr...I want, I'd like, I, I, me, me me)

If we do it, if I (or we) make an effort to increase traffic of conscious contributors...what will they see here? Lame non interfaith jokes, anti trump pages, partisan fighting, cat videos, and also ran 'celebrity' deaths....

We are currently not interfaith.org but a coffee clutch of old internet acquaintances... Gotta say I am way down in the list when it comes to valuable contributions and just me deciding to up my game would make a helluva difference.

So while I will start there...if is to be it is up to me...

Ill be utilizing the following filter...

Is it interfaith.
Is it theological or religious
Is my response to a negative article positive, uplifting or understanding
Will it promote peace
Will it promote understanding between people and faiths
Will it promote discussion

Not to say any of that will/should stop a post...but I will consider it, prior.

Kudos to many in this site for what they post and say...not the least of which is one who updates the Baha'i info regularly.

Rant over, let the roaring begin!!
I wholeheartedly support the idea of increasing the interfaith discussions. I can certainly contribute more too.

While I’m for that, I also don’t want to lose the social aspects of the forum. I think there’s room for both.

If you want to discuss social media approaches, I’m happy to have that conversation.

I’m interested to hear the other views and insights shared about this possibility.
While I’m for that, I also don’t want to lose the social aspects of the forum. I think there’s room for both.
Agree... My thinking is along the lines of first impressions...

When someone who comes looking for interfaith/religious discussion and looks at the twenty most recent posts...

Will it entice or turn away?