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Cory Howell

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Nashville, TN
Hello all,
I guess I should have posted this Introduction before I made my first two posts to the Forums! I just noticed this part of the Forum, so here's my in a nutshell.

I am Director of Music Ministries at a United Methodist church near Nashville, TN. I direct the Chancel Choir, direct the Chancel Bells, and schedule special music, as well as singing solos myself from time to time. I recently celebrated my 20th anniversary with my wife, and we have two beautiful daughters, who are currently 8 and 13 years old.

My interests are diverse, but chief among them are: studying the Bible and biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek), the works of William Shakespeare, the English language, religion and theology. My library contains (among other things): a large collection of Bibles (almost 300); a fairly large collection of Shakespeare; quite a few dictionaries, thesauri, and English usage guides; a modest collection of Qur'ans (15 different translations, I think); a fairly large collection of Latter-day Saints literature, including the Book of Mormon in a variety of editions; a decent sized collection of editions of Sherlock Holmes stories and novels.

I am looking forward to interacting with people from various religious traditions here!

Cory Howell
Nashville, TN
Thank you for the introduction, Cory. Welcome to the forum!
Welcome, Cory!

As a Brit, seeing you're from Nashville, I assume you took an interest in County music as a given? :D
Welcome! That's a nice library you have there. How did you get intetested in Sherlock Holmes?
in agreement with the library comment and chuckling at the country music comment... and your previous posts before the intro are no problem just leave your shoes at the door next time if you will.
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Welcome, Cory. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Cory, welcome :) I love Shakespeare too. What language! What amazing plays! I think my favorites might be the sonnets, Macbeth, and The Merchant of Venice, but I enjoyed all the works and whenever I think back on these the nice smell of the pages of the particular editions I had comes to mind.

I love reading Holme's adventures too. They are so amazing. There is a crazy real life story touching on the topics of skepticism and beliefe involving Arthur Conan Doyle and Houdini. Doyle believed in Spiritualism on acount of his wife, and Houdini was a skeptic (much like James Randi today) and both were good friends but had a falling out because of these diferences in belief. This is also possibly related to Houdini's unfortunate and untimely death. What is ironic is that the creator of the most rational and pragmatic detective to ever meet print was himself not much like that, at least not concerning Spiritualism (which was all the rage at the time in England)

Congrats on the family and aniversary! And the nice career.

God bless.
So the library, and the interests...

Have you read The Source, by Michener?

It is looks at the formation of the abrahamic religions...

And how about beyond hard to believe you'd accumulate all that without some Tao te Ching, Gita, Guru Granth Sahib...what religious texts have you acquired beyond the three?
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