Mandela Effects In the Scriptures?


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Ok, most of you probably heard of this mass memory issues that people experience about many things, mostly in logos, movies, and spelling of words. At least, that is what a common explanation is of the phenomenon. Logically, it makes sense. However, there is a large portion of people around the globe who actually believe that something is happening to people's memories and that things are truly changed from what they remember. Numerous YouTube videos, blogs, etc., note these changes. Some focus on the Scriptures too. Has anyone paid any attention to this and did you experience a "Mandela effect" while reading your Scriptures?

Now, I am not a diligent Bible reader, so when it comes to the Bible, I cannot tell you if I remember things from it differently or not. I have read the translation of the interpretation of the Qur'an in English and my native language, and to me it has been the same for decades, with mild variations between English and my native language in their translations. Hadiths, I do not so much know about all of them in use.

However, I know we Muslims say there is no changes to the Qur'an. To me it seems like that, but I found someone who is a Muslim who claims one specific verse in the Qur'an (verse 5:33) is not in its right place and is changed. Precicsely, he claims this is a supernatural change, as in Mandela effect because he knows and remembers it differently. According to this person, the verse used to end one surah, I think surah Al-Azhab he said. Also, he says the verse used to say that it was the pharaoh threatening Moses and Hebrews with crucifixion if they do not believe him a god. Now, we have the verse where God threatens the Meccan pagans. Does anyone remember it as this person says? Now, my mother reads Qur'an daily. She is not hafiz, but she reads it daily. So I asked her and automatically she said: it was the pharaoh threatening the Hebrews! I am like, what?!? I am at work, but will check my 2 Qur'an copies, both published quite some time ago.

Which then brought me to back to my childhood. My father's aunt was a daughter of an imam. She comes from a very religious family. When I was little, she used to tell us that the Noble Qur'an mentioned the disappearance of the bees and sheep as one of the signs of the End Times. Also, she would say Hooris were special, Heavenly birds! Back then I was not reading Qur'an much. Of course later, I found no such verses about the bees, sheep and Hoories in the Qur'an. So, I thought she misremembered and maybe it was the hadiths. But I have yet to find hadiths mentioning anything similar either!

So, naturally, logically, conclusion would be: she had poor memory, or she heard fake hadiths and thought they were real, or my mom is growing old and doesn't remember well what she reads anymore. Fine.

Now, I know we got the hafiz too, but the hafiz are dying and us younger people are a bit heedless. Just a thought to ponder.

But it's intriguing. Which, and now I speculate, if some of these folks are correct and something supernatural is taking place, then I am reminded of the hadith prophecy of Noble Qur'an disappearing in the End Times. Also, if this is real, perhaps could explain the Qur'an and hadiths discrepancies where hadiths don't match Qur'an or teach completely opposite things?

If there truly is a Mandela Effect to catch in Islamic sources it would probably be the one hadith where stoning for adultery is prescribed punishment. Why do I say this? Well think about it. According to the Noble Qur'an, Muslims are to prescribe punishment to their subjects in accordance to the people's religious books: Jews by the Torah, Christians by the Gospels, etc. Muslims, according to Qur'an, must be judged by the Qur'an. Fine. Now, Qur'an gives a different religious ruling for adultery from the hadiths. So, why would Muslims then adopt something they read in the Old Testament or elsewhere? Wouldn't learned hafiz notice this and reprimand? Why did some people accept stoning as Islamic?

Again, logically, we can say its rulers and their oppression. But really? What if the Qur'an in the old days was not what it is today?
This Sufi sheik seems to think there is something to "Mandela effect" phenomenon:
Here is a Christian pastor discussing the Mandela effect phenomenon:
I'm aiming that wierd eerie effects happen like the matrix and we are in A simulation of sort God created and the definition. That's what i'm aiming at here if those effects happen to god's people

just imagine if hebrew people could percieve thatw e are all living in a matrix or simulation !

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