I love you all.


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a figment of your imagination
We debate...we argue...we disagree.

And we continue.

Life is occasionally overwhelming....but it is life.

Air, water, food, friends and I/O, you nourish me and make me well.

Well sometimes some of you make me shake my head ruefully...but knowing I do that to others as well....is part of life.

I mean there is gravel...i can't eat it, I don't like walking on it, it doesn't even skip well on lakes....but it comes in handy for high rise buildings and roads and bridges...and I like them.

And lions, tigers and bears... I may not want to be near them...and they may not want to be near each other...but they have friends and purpose too. So it makes me think the same of people.

I think the same of you all...you may or may not be my cup of tea...but you are to someone...you have purpose.

Everyone is my mentor...some for what TO be, what TO do, what TO say, how TO act...others are just as good mentors for what NOT TO...

Most are a little of both.

I may not always like you all, but I do love you all...for all you've done for me in discussions here over the years...you all have affected me...all are part and parcel of all my posts.

Thank you. Big hugz
I'm good...

Found my rose colored glasses....

My future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

I currently have food and shelter and friends and covid has eliminated FOMO...what is not to like.

I mean I am concerned for the world and the health care systems...but me...i don't have enough energy or strength to take part in music festivals, burns, intl travel, couldn't go to bars or parties, I cant play ball or build things.....and neither can anyone else...so corona 4ME means there is no envy of folks out doing things...i am home and so are they...

(Of course other countries have already controlled the plague and are at the new normal...but most my friends live here)
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Big hugs, not those manly things where we slap each other on the back to convince ourselves we're heterosexual, but those big, hang-on-tight, I need you in my life, hugs. Kisses, too.

We've been isolating here in the UK. So our children and grand children come over, but can't come in the house, and we go for walks. There's no touching, which is a real bastard cos one daughter is 20 weeks preg. Well, I say no touching. We do, when an excited 3yr old grandson runs at you full tilt with his arms wide, or the 2yr old sidles up and says 'hold my hand' as we amble along.

We grandparents, 3 daughters and spouses, 2 g-kids, are all in a self-imposed 14-day not no contact wiv nuffink nor nobody until we gather, in the house at Christmas, when there will be hugs galore.

Meanwhile, a nephew and a niece are both currently isolating at home with COVID, and another niece, struck by a car last week when it mounted the pavement after a driver swerved to a car and hit the gas not the brake, is in hospital, severely smashed up. We can't visit. Her parents are allowed a half-hour visit each day, swathed in PPE, but that might not be allowed once she stabilises.

COVID numbers in London are rising exponentially.

This year sucks.

Here's to the next ...
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The only one that's a challenge for me is "calm", in times of moving to another city...the packing...the unpacking...settling in....ugh! However, first world problems--lol!
Yes. Moving can be quite stressful. Sometimes everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. And moving to a new city only more so, probably ...