הרב יונה בן זכריה
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Purim is coming to the end.

I hope all who celebrated enjoyed the holiday.

I apologize for not posting greetings yesterday.
Who baked, or at least ate hamantaschen? What kind?
There were some with raspberry jam on sale at the local Turkish grocery. We live in a very multicultural part of town. We also had some other type of sweets with poppyseed filling, which is a favorite with everyone in my family, but nobody wanted to bake.
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Another year gone by.

Purim begins this Wednesday evening.
Have a joyous Purim, all who celebrate!

I've had the privilege to see a really beautiful Scroll of Esther a few years ago.
Chocolate hazelnut hamentaschen as well as Irish cream ones (I reduced the sugar due to diabetes since I didn't want to get sick.) I shared the Irish cream ones with a couple of the Celtic Studies instructors since St. Patrick's Day was the same time as Purim. :oops:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
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Irish cream hamentaschen! Apple hamentaschen! Cherry hamentaschen! Cheese hamentaschen! There are other flavours (no prune, though.) :kitty:s are here with their wagons if anyone's interested.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine