Communities of practice around Jesus as lord not savior?


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Are there any communities of practice that put Jesus as lord at the center of their teachings, and not Jesus as savior? I don't mean denying that He is our savior, just not putting that at the center of their teachings. Their teachings and practice revolve around recognizing and accepting Jesus as a person to serve and obey above all others, and learning to live the way He says to live, continually studying and practicing together, to learn to better understand and practice His teachings. If they do have teachings about salvation, those are not emphasized or highlighted any more than most other teachings.

(later) I put "community of practice" and "jesus as lord" into a search, and this came up:

(pdf) Lifelong Faith Journal 5.4
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The "Society of Friends" (like the Quakers) might have started out from such an ideal.
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Had a preacher who spoke of a homeless man who came to her church saying, "Sister, I came to be saved!" She told him he came to the wrong place because around gotta save yourself.

We teach a Jesus as our elder brother and know...teaching to fish...we can do everything he did and more...for he has gone to the father...