The Nine Levels of Nothing


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Over the last 6 to 8 months I have slowly been introduced to many of the types of nothing but not in the exact same context as the video above.

Nothing here - box is empty. Nothing here or there.

Nothing here but something here- Box to the observer is empty for it is nothing here but there is something in the box there.

Nothing here but everything here- everything here is able to figure itself out and can become something here.

Nothing - they are not who we are they are who they are. This kind of nothing can figure anything out. They become nothing here to figure only nothing out.

Absolute nothing here figure absolutely nothing out - this is the break down of minds or yourselves it is both the ending place and the beginning place for yourselves, this mind wants nothing inside itself figuring anything out.

Then nothing at all- a place absent if all things except nothing. This one is hard to explain. Here nothing was once something and yet they taught everything around them nothing but themselves which are also nothing there. You look in the box and you can see nothing just sitting there but everything around them is absolutely gone including time and all nine levels of nothing except them. The box and no observers to observe nothing not even they could figure themselves out. This kind of nothing is the closest I have seen to nothing at all.