Churchianity has corrupted the Bibles Teaching

Care to illuminate us on how Christianity has corrupted the bibles teaching? What is His purpose and who is He? And why are you so mad?

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I'm seriously curious because I have a good friend who is JW and we don't talk about our beliefs with each other.
Churchianity is the term I use since what labeled "Christianity" ISN'T.
After a number of years studying the Bible cover to cover, and different translations, I came to know almost every trick clergyman have used to steer people away from truth- and that Churchianity (churches in general) have corrupted every biblical teaching about God!
And we have to combat this! Here's how!
1. Go on the internet and just start telling everyone that your opinion is fact! They will instantly recognize this fact and change!
2. Accuse complete strangers of being ignorant to the truth. One of God's most important angels was known as the "Accuser" so it's probably a good idea to follow his lead and just keep accusing.
3. Judge! Judge! Judge! Nothing turns people towards the truth like judging them.
4. Let everyone know that you are an expert. They will instantly recognize your expertise and follow your lead.
5. Do NOT listen to opposing views. If you do, you will look weak.
6. Do NOT try to learn anything new. God told His followers to be stubborn and to lean on their own understanding.

Hope this helps!

Source: The internet.
It's not my OPINION.
For example- it is said Jesus is God, part of Three.

So- I try to PROVE this!

Did God teach Themselves?
Did God send Themselves?
Did God Themselves die?
Did God Themselves resurrect Themselves?
Did God give Themselves all power and authority?

See how SIMPLE it is- if one takes a closer look at what they believe?
Just as a basic comment:

So far all I see falls under the rubric of a straw man fallacy.