My lunch


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Somerset- England-UK
Cave-aged Cheddar(from Wookey hole) with Branston sauce on sourdough bread with some crisps and a cuppatea

That looks nice! Mmmmh crisps...

I didn't take a picture, but mine was hospital spaghetti with some kind of vegetable sauce. It was okay, but I would have given... um... a sip from my coffee mug, for a handful of salty delicious crisps!
I had leftover dal and some a spiced cooked lettuce dish(with a bit of rice).
I am familiar with dal(reminds me of ashram days when we had it almost every day!).
Spiced cooked lettuce sound interesting though.
Easy to prepare?
Very much so. The only real work was chopping the vegetables.

Omelettes with mushrooms, peach preserves.

My partner brought me a small glass of black olives. I had a few to satisfy my salt craving.
Yeah, but here they really try. They even have vegan sandwich spread.

There was a bit of confusion the first day or two - had to gently point out that ham isn't vegetarian. But it's all smoothed out now.
That sounds like my kind of meal!
It was nice. The sauce was a bit disappointing, but not bad. No dal though! I miss my beans and lentils and peas. When I get out of here, I'll gorge myself on dal. Or refried beans.