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The host is hosted with has been under attack the past 12 hours or so. Although this site has apparently been running smoothly, not only is their main site down, but I cannot access the admin area to backup the forum database.

There's a possible danger of major hacking operations - a supposed advertised hacking competion apparently runs for 6 hours today, so a back up is essential. Especially as the lask backup I made is dated from July 1st.

So I've gone through all of the threads since then and saved every single post and new member info - takes up 20 pages at 12pt font - but it means in the event of an attack that causes damage to the forum database, I should be able to recover everything. :)

Took a while, but everything is now secure, just on the possibility of something untoward happening.

The moment the host is back online I'll make a proper database dump through phpmyadmin.
Host is back online and I've just been in the site admin area and made a backup of the forum. Everything doubly backed up now. :)

Quite possibly the feared hacking contest is a hoax or not entertained by the general hacking community - but better to be prepared.

It's also important to have constant backups - having once watched my first forum - a YaBB CGI - disintegrate due to a server error, and having seen the chronicles site hacked twice this year, it's worth taking simplest precautions with regular backups - especially before a possible storm. :)

Let's hope it stays within a teacup. ;D