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Namaste Brian...

can we ask you questions here?

specifically... on your essay on Buddhism.. i'd like to request that you change one word, if you don't mind. i realize that seems rather petty, however, the word used "nothingness" connotes something that Nirvana is not... the word should be "emptiness". that word is a technical Buddhist term and more accurately connotes the experience of Nirvana.

thank you in advance :)
You may absolutely ask questions - though they are easier for me to find in the "feedback" section. :)

I'm certainly happy to be corrected on the issue of site content - I do not claim at all to be a theology expert on world religions, though I try and represent them. :)

I'll be happy to act on your suggestion. Eastern Thought is a definite weakness of mine and I'm sure you're the second person who has asked for alterations to wording in the Buddhism section.
Page updated. :)

And if I knew how to move threads I could put this into the "feedback" board. Still got a lot to learn about this software, but I'm sure I'll learn. :)