what do u do with esp?



im talking about esp i know i have that within me we all have we have all had weird moments!! i think my esp comes to the front with my voyager tarot i feel so atuned to them if i make it a regular thing to handle them everyday i can do a spread for myself but havent ventured into the world of difination as need to learn more first but i dont always feel very motivated!! but i have always been able to recall my dreams i have had the most amazing experiences and i can dream lucid which is something i feel is a gift and the door into another level of life!! i have also been interested in joining a covent as i know im a whitch already to learn more about the other level in my waking life but somehow even tho i have known whitches they wernt right for me maybe u cud help in my quest then i know that i cud truely tslk about esp propper!!!
What to do with anything you have? Accept it, and try and walk your life as best you can with it. :)
Hello' forgive the intrusian if this comes late or misspelled on that note.
anyway, having what you have is not a gift but more an enlightenment or an awaking. It's like a gut intinct to help you survive, it's there to protect you
and making it grow is not wrong, but a tool to guide where you really want to go with this
If you join a coven just to develop your psychic skills you might be a little disappointed. Most covens will be there to practise their religion, which might include some level of magical practice, but if you don't share their beliefs on the nature of divinity you'll be somewhat out of place (assuming they let you join in the first place). There are quite alot of places on the net you can find info on esp and related subjects ... this is one of my favourites PsiPog.net : Science is Evolving
Sorry, I just read your intro in which you state you're Wiccan. My mistake.... in which case it might be well worth trying to find a coven.

You might want to bear in mind that although some people use Witch to mean 'Wiccan', quite a lot use it to mean 'practitioner of Witchcraft' and Wicca does not have exclusive use of Witchcraft. :p

In what way were the witches you have met 'not right for you'?