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after reading your very interesting capable knowledge of past lives inthe forum !!! i would please like you to help me please in answering my questions ??? firstly i need to explain i do have a third eye which is open and i am very aware of what is around me and learn lots "especially from my dreams" anyway recently about two months ago i went to italy with my boyfriend (of four years) and met his family, who live in italy, beautiful people and so freindly !! one of my boyfriends aunties whose called "ulanda" and about in her late 40's felt very familiar to me even tho we'd never met i felt like i knew her so well and i could see she could feel that too.... as not talking italian was not helping.... !!! that was two months ago and i havnt really given much thought (well a bit) on return home !!! then last night i had such a vivid dream me and ulanda she was my sister in a past live ...!!!! your thoughts please....!!!! thankyou
Hi Ulanda.

You are describing pretty classic symptoms of what many people say are past life memories. Often past life recall involves seeing people or places that seem terribly familiar to you even though you know rationally that you haven't seen them before. Dreams that feel significant too are often said to be another past-life clue.

You don't mention what religion you follow but you might find some helpful information if you explore your own religious background regarding reincarnation and past lives. For instance, I know that some Christian groups believe in past lives and reincarnation, although I know most mainstream Christians don't. There is more on the topic of Christianity and reincarnation on the web at places like this website which you might find helpful.

There is a good overview of reincarnation as explained by different spiritual groups at this site too that covers more than just Christian thought. This article talks about some other thoughts on past life and includes some famous cases.

If you're interested in reading about other people's past life memories, check out this website and this website.

Personally, I'm not convinced that our soul or spirit is distinct enough to go through a specific sequence of lives -- I tend to think of our souls as droplets of water, and when we die we go into the Divine which is a vast ocean where our droplets merge with all the other droplets. When new life is born droplets are taken from that ocean again, but who can really say that any of the droplets are distinct from one incarnation to the next?
hi there i do believe that we do live again our soul is immortal and what u said about ur view on my experience was what i felt myself i believe i was drowned or suffocated in a past life as i fear that with almost a knowing of it ..... can i also point out i doint belong to any christian group and dont want to ever i believe in karma u make ur own luck
Namasté Ulanda,

From what you've posted, I would say that you have had an encounter with a member of your spiritual family. Your spiritual family consists of souls who have chosen to accompany you throughout your journey on this earth to help your soul evolve. These souls tend to be the same, yet, for their own evolution, choose different roles for every incarnation. In other words, your boyfriend's aunt, Ulanda, may very well had been your sister in a previous incarnation. Perhaps this is an awakening within yourself, and will only reveal greater things in the future.
hello there from sunny south africa;)

i agree with manyof the opinions offered":

  • past life connection
  • soul group relationship
  • perhaps just love and compassion
  • having the same name as you, perhaps she is a mirror for you to learn about yourself - think about the things you liked about her, the feelings you felt around her, her positive (and negative) attributes - apply them to yourself and learn - simple way of becoming more conscious
what a wonderful gift! no matter what the experience - you have been blessed.

regards, tracy